Messy spaces are known to cause anxiety. It is hard to think clearly, let alone get any work done in a space where you don’t seem to have any available room to maneuver. Whether you live in a spacious home or cramped one-bedroom apartment, whether you live alone or with a large family, extra storage space is hard to come by. Countertops, tables, nightstands and chairs quickly start to overflow with piles of paper, bills, keys, snacks, remotes, clothing and other miscellaneous items. Here are some quick tips on how to squeeze in some extra storage.


The back of the door is prime storage space. Use hooks, narrow shelves or even a simple nail will do the trick sometimes. Every door should have at least one hook, if you ask me. Use it to hang your purse, your keys, towel or bathrobe. Give the chair a rest and put your change of clothing on the back of the door. That way it will be out of sight, plus it won’t get crinkled!


Similar to the back of a door is the inside of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Install racks or small shelves and stash cans, snacks, cookware or paper towels inside. Use a wire mesh file organizer and hang it on the inside of your cabinet door. You can use this to store anything from kitchen utensils or pot lids to cellophane and wrapping paper. You could even install additional shelving inside of your existing cabinets. This will help you utilize the full height of the cabinet instead of just piling dishes on the bottom. Same goes for your bathroom. I love having my toiletries on display when I open my bathroom cabinets.


Chances are you don’t have space for a big shelving unit or a huge bookcase. A few suspended shelves will give you extra space to display your knickknacks. They are simple and modern, easy to hang and aesthetically pleasing. Be creative and arrange them however you like. Suspended shelves are cheap to buy or make. You could even do corner shelves and make an otherwise empty nook pop!


Big boxes, little boxes, wide boxes and shallow boxes. Cookie boxes, gift boxes, shoe boxes and hat boxes. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Boxes no longer have to be hidden. Don’t throw them out straight away. They can easily be refurbished so as to seamlessly fit into the color scheme or style of your home. Stack them one on top of the other and fill them with anything you desire! If sturdy enough, they will double as a shelf or end table.

Self Storage Units

This is the cheaper alternative to getting a bigger place. There are some bulky items that you may use only periodically such as holiday decorations, vacation gear, duplicate appliances or furniture. In order to get these things out of sight and help clear your home, self storage Wollongong based providers suggest that you rent a unit if you are unable to afford a bigger home. Putting things you do not use regularly in storage will free up space in your closets, pantry or garage.


You may need a carpenter to pull this one off, but the extra space is worth it. Make drawers that fit under your kitchen cabinets or underneath your bed. DIY Tutorials are available, but if you are not that handy, call a professional. Be sure to install rails or wheels for easier access and so as not to drag the drawer along the floor.

Use these easy solutions to impress your housemates and friends. Make sure that every item has a place of its own, they are easier to find that way! And remember, a clean and clutter-free home is a healthy home.