Instead of throwing it away, calcium-rich milkfish bone can be used as an ingredient for making a desert. The making of polvoron out of bangus bones was pioneered in 2000 by Dean Laurentina Calmorin of the Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College in Estancia, Iloilo. She successfully incorporated powdered milkfish bones in making polvoron, a sweet and powdery desert that is conventionally made of flour, milk powder, sugar and butter.

Milkfish Bone Polvoron

(Calmorin, 1999 in Surtida, 2000)


All purpose flour
Powdered milk
Vanilla extract
Milkfish bones


1. Soak milkfish bone in a marinating solution overnight.
2. Pressure cook for 1 hour at 10 psi.
3. Grind until powdery. Sun dry.
4. Toast flour until golden brown.
5. Sift flour. Press the lumps, and sift flour again.
6. Blend all ingredients except for butter and vanilla extract.
7. Heat butter and vanilla extract.
8. Thoroughly blend all ingredients with butter-vanilla mixture. Cool, mold and wrap, and pack.

A bangus bone-polvoron packed in plastic bags could last for 35 days when kept under ambient or refrigerated condition.