tilapia lamayoLamayo is another style of fish preparation wherein the fish (tilapia, danggit or bangus) is marinated with herbs and spices and partially sun-dried.

If you love danggit lamayo and daing na bangus, you will also love this tilapia lamayo. Not only that, making of homemade tilapia lamayo is a good business idea to start for small tilapia farmers as an added income. Now, If you want to know how to make tilapia lamayo, follow the recipe below.

Tilapa Lamayo


1 Kg Tilapia
150 grams salt
350 white vinegar
400 grams water
100 grams white sugar
1 bulb garlic
2 tablespoons ground pepper
Bay leaf as desired

Procedure on how to make Tilapia Lamayo:

1. Wash the fish.
2. Split fish on the dorsal side starting from the tail to the head by running the edge of the knife along the backbone.
3. Remove gills and internal organs. Wash fish to remove the blood and set aside.
4. Prepare brine solution (150 grams salt dissolved to 400 grams water) mix all remaining ingredients in brine solution.
5. Soaked fish for 15 minutes.
6. Arrange fish in drying trays. Sun dry until it becomes dry, glossy or 50% moisture content attained.
7. Air dry after sun drying.
8. Pack and label. Store in clean and dry place.

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Photo credit: marketmanila