Who doesn’t like travelling? While the journey itself can be exhausting, travelling gives you a chance to explore new places and cultures, and meet wonderful people along the way. On the other hand, travelling for business purposes is less casual and definitely more stressful: you usually have a set itinerary and a tight schedule you have to follow, otherwise you’ll miss important meetings. There’s no time for sightseeing and casual lunches, and it’s all about work; but with a bit of effort, you can feel like you’re on a vacation.

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Photo by Hamxa Butt

Enjoy local fare

Before you leave, do a bit of research on the place you’ll be visiting. Browse the web to find out which are best places to partake in drinks and food if you’ll have spare time for lunches and/or dinners. Not only is this a great way to try delicious new foods and drinks, but it will give you a good idea what the country and people are like. This is a great chance to experience something new and perhaps discover a new cuisine or a new favourite spice. Ask the locals if they can recommend you a nice place to eat and try to find out about hidden gem in the city which will make your business trip more enjoyable and memorable.

Small detours

Business trips are never there for pleasure, but you can always ‘steal’ some time for yourself. if your hotel is within walking distance from where your meetings are held, walk there every morning and evening and make small detours which will take you through nearest park, by a monument, or a gallery. Cool things to visit and see are everywhere, and you can manage to see at least some of them if you just stretch your trip out a little bit. There are plenty of hours in a day, and you can always steal an hour or two to do and see something fun every day, even if it means a cup of coffee in a small café by the river. Keep your phone close so you can snap some nice photos, but also your itinerary as you wouldn’t want to be late for your meeting, after all.

Book an ‘unexpected’ flight

Even if you’re an experienced traveler and you’ve been working for a long time, the night before your trip is always busy with packing, preparations, and trying to keep the business running smooth as usual while saying goodbye to your family. Early-morning flight with only a few hours of sleep are usually disastrous and leave you feeling tired all day. Why not book a mid-day flight and begin your journey well-rested instead? What is more, if your conference starts on a Sunday or ends on a Friday you can maximize those min-vacation days. Your company may be willing to let you book flights a couple days earlier or later which will allow you to explore the city, not to mention that Thursday morning flights are cheaper and can save the company some money.

Be punctual

If you miss your flight you will have to take another one which means that you’ll lose both time and money. You know how expensive taxi rides to the airport can get, but you driving your own car isn’t an option? Luckily, there is a solution for this problem. There are many reliable airport transfers in Perth where professionals will be more than likely to help you get to the airport in time for your flight. This means you won’t have to worry about parking, punctuality, or any unexpected expenses which always emerge when you’re late for a flight.

People don’t particularly enjoy business trips because of all the obligations and tight schedules that rob you of the opportunity to have fun and enjoy your stay at a new place. Still, for those who are well-organized and would like to do something other than attend business meetings, there will always be a chance to make some time for other things here and there. No matter how eager you are to explore the new city and/or country, don’t push your luck and abandon your safety.