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Tagaytay Breaks Your Vacation Blues

Quezon City, Manila – [10 September  2021] – More than a year after the country was put under community quarantines, people, for sure, have been craving to break their travel hiatus and relax in a tropical paradise. Some are even dying to bond with their loved ones without worrying too much about the pandemic. But, as [&hellip

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A Taste of Life in Tagaytay

CitiGlobal shares why Tagaytay is a top real estate investment spot  Quezon City, Manila – [May 22,2021] – As a tropical country, the Philippines has always delighted everyone with its perfect beach weather, particularly during Summer. But the warm weather is just not meant for everyone. Some prefer living somewhere where they can experience that [&hellip

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8 Makeup Essentials to Bring When Traveling

Putting a full face of makeup on at home is easy when you have access to your whole makeup stash. You already have a set routine, and all your products are neatly lined up on a shelf or dresser. However, when you head out for a trip that will last days, weeks, or months, you [&hellip

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Topmost Tourist Attractions in Sharjah

Sharjah is popular due to its historical importance and cultural values. This city is also known as Arab’s cultural capital because of the cultural treasures including Islamic culture. If you want to unlock the amazing culture, ancient heritage, and Arabic art, we suggest you Rent A Car Dubai in Sharjah and explore all the mind-blowing [&hellip

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The Best Private Dining Rooms in New York

Whether you’re a first-time event planner or familiar with event planning, companies are always looking for the ideal dining room, especially in the new norm where privacy and intimacy are sought after for safety reasons. Besides ensuring that the chosen venue fits the number of guests you are inviting, companies should also think about how [&hellip

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The Eric Dalius Advisory for Business Travelers for Improving Their Experience and Reducing Stress

Traveling on business can seem exciting when you do it for the first time, however, when you need to do continually and frequently, it can quickly become a bother, result in stress, and start affecting your performance. Eric J Dalius, a well-known entrepreneur who has traveled extensively to countries across the world has the following tips [&hellip

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5 Things to know as American working in Italy

Working in Italy should not be a problem for English-speaking people, but this will depend largely on your field of work. In some industries, speaking Italian can be an essential factor in getting a job. The country’s unemployment rates could hamper the job market in Italy. However, we show you how to get a job [&hellip

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Complete Guide to Montreal for First Time Visitors in 2020

As the largest city of Quebec Province, Montreal is one of the fascinating cities to visit in Canada. Its modern architecture comprises of outstanding shopping malls, hotels, subways, modern skyscrapers, and conveniences, making it look incredibly beautiful. Montreal is the heart of Canada’s French Heritage as it is one of the most popular French-speaking cities [&hellip

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3 Ways Powerful People Spend Their Summer Vacations

While successful people know the value of hard work, they also understand how important it is to take a break every once in a while. But taking a well-deserved vacation isn’t just a great way to relieve stress. Indeed, taking some time off can actually help them maintain a higher level of performance. If you’ve [&hellip

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