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7 Reasons to Look for Jobs in Manila

These days, it’s much easier to build a career anywhere you’d like in the Philippines. Even then, more Filipinos look for jobs in Manila than in any other place in the country for several good reasons. Here’s why Metro Manila continues to attract thousands of local job seekers daily, despite growth in other parts of the country: [&hellip

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10 Straightforward Ways to Improve Student Entrepreneurship

The key mistake in preparing future entrepreneurs is the lack of practice, according to experts. Students get a lot of theoretical information. But it often isn’t synced with the demands of modern companies. Our educational system needs changes to improve student entrepreneurship. While the changes are on the way, both schools and students can do [&hellip

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7 Things to Stop Doing in Your Job Interviews

Congratulations, the company of your choice has scheduled you for a job interview. You don’t have the job yet, though, and you’ll want to keep these 7 major mistakes in mind before you meet your interviewer. 1.) Skipping breakfast You might not think that it matters, but skipping breakfast before your interview can lead to [&hellip

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Best Career Choice Available In Medical Profession-Pharmacy Tech

The solid career choice available in the health care sector is pharmacy technician. We know that these health care jobs are steadily increasing every year and it is expected to have higher growth by next decade. Pharmacy is available with the health care at every stage and this ensures that there is a stable career [&hellip

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How to Make Your Own Job

Starting a career in the real world is sometime nerve-cracking since employment in the country is a major problem. But there is a choice and that is to make your own job. 1. Survey climate of economic opportunity in your area. This survey should tell what your immediate community need by way of goods and [&hellip

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Side Jobs You can Try While Working Full Time

For some people, they believe that having only one source of income is not enough to fulfill one’s financial goals. This is somewhat true as having another source of income will definitely help anyone reach financial stability. With this, several jobs are available for people who want to use their skills and earn money. Earn [&hellip

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Jobs Philippines

Search thousands of Jobs in Philippines or join the online jobs fair for fresh graduates, OFW’s and working professional. Discover and learn how you can earn money online with the latest online jobs for Filipinos With the advent of the Internet, online jobs are becoming the new trend for many stay-at-home moms and dads looking [&hellip

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How to Get a Higher-Paying Job

Here’s a tip on how to get a higher paying jobs that you dreamed of. There’s probably more potential in your present job. Most people don’t realize that they can get more out of their present job-by putting more into it! You may think that the only way to get a big money job is [&hellip

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What Are The Daily Duties & Responsibilities Of A Personal Assistant?

A career as a personal assistant is exciting, rewarding and no two days will be the same. If you are interested in training to be a personal assistant then you will need to have a high level of organization, great administration skills and you’ll also have to be exceptionally computer literate. Personal assistants are gatekeepers [&hellip

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