When a company has busier seasons, it needs professionals to cover this demand with solvency during a specific period. On the other hand, temporary work also promotes employment among young people, and serves to reposition in the labor market professionals who due to age or lack of training have difficulties finding a job. Here we define these and other temporary work benefits.

What is a Temporary Job?

A temporary job is considered one that has a certain duration. The hiring of personnel for a job of these characteristics can be done directly by the company, which searches for and selects the worker, or through temporary work companies, also known as ETTs. These companies are in charge of hiring workers and “transferring” them, on a temporary basis, to others for the provision of a service.

Generally, temporary hiring responds to a specific need of a company to cover certain jobs caused by sickness, maternity or paternity leave of its workers, specific accumulation of tasks, excess work in specific periods, implementation projects, substitution in vacation periods or outsourcing of services (generally related to the administration and management of the company).

In any case, the advantages of temporary work are many and at temp agency San Francisco we are aware of this. Whether you are a company or an individual, consult our services.

Types of Temporary Contract

Four Types of Temporary Work Contracts according to duration, origin and characteristics:

  • Contract for specific work or service.
  • Temporary contract due to market circumstances, accumulation of tasks or excess orders (eventual).
  • Temporary contract to replace workers with the right to reserve their job (interim).

Temporary Work: Benefits for the Employee

Temporary work can be very beneficial for workers, especially with regard to training, flexibility, experience acquisition and mobility. Other advantages of having a temporary contract are:

  • Makes the first job easier. Temporary contracts allow a large number of people to enter the job market for the first time, which is essential for discovering a professional future.
  • It allows you to gain experience in different sectors. Temporary jobs are an effective way to develop skills and gain professional experience in different fields, services and products. This allows workers to focus on the sector that interests them the most and favors their training in the short and medium term.
  • Streamlines the creation of a network of professional contacts. One of the most relevant advantages of temporary work for the worker is the possibility of meeting other professionals and establishing a powerful and useful network of contacts for their future.
  • Access to SMEs and large companies. On some occasions, a temporary job can be the beginning of a longer professional relationship with the company. In fact, on many occasions there is the possibility of chaining different contracts for different companies in the same sector, which significantly increases the chances of entering the market and ending up in a fixed contract. This is another of the most important advantages of having a temporary contract for workers.

Benefits and Advantages of Temporary Work for Companies

Temporary work agencies offer organizations a comprehensive human resources service with personalized attention, which translates into one of the best options to find the ideal worker to fill any position. Hiring the services of these companies simplifies the process of search and selection of personnel without assuming risks, guaranteeing their training.

Other Advantages of Temporary Work for a Company or Organization are:

  • Reduction of the cost of the staff. In most cases, training and professional development is provided by the temp agency. In addition, expenses are also reduced in the annual budgets of the organization.
  • Shorter selection processes. When hiring temporary workers, the technical skills of the candidate for a specific position are valued, and it is not necessary to go into subjective aspects such as their ability to get involved or adapt to the team in the long term.
  • Immediate incorporation and integration. Normally, temporary workers are used to joining different companies for a short period of time and they know that their impact on the company must be instantaneous.
  • Specialized staff. Temporary workers are specialized in very specific jobs. This specialization can help you promote a project or a specific area of ??your company.

The last of the advantages of temporary work, although not least, is that it allows you to evaluate what types of tasks require a permanent worker and which ones require temporary staff. Having this information can be very useful for the operation of the company.

If you are a company, hiring temporary workers will give you greater flexibility, determination and specialization; If you are a worker, the advantages of having a temporary employment contract will help you access the labor market, move in very different professional environments and create your own network of professional contacts.