Every business owner is currently thinking about only one thing – how to keep the workstations clean during these precedent times due to COVID-19. While some offices are keeping gatherings in the office to a minimum, others are adopting a stay-at-home work trend to keep everyone safe.

No matter what protocols you follow for employees’ safety, you have to keep a few things in mind – maintaining distance and cleaning the office during COVID. If you are trying to adjust to the new normal and planning to get back in your workspace, be sure to follow the below mentioned tips.

Check Out These Tips from John Spach for Keeping Your Office COVID-Free

Install ventilation systems

From face masks to hand sanitizing stations, there are plenty of things you will want to invest in for your office space, but a quality ventilation system is the most important. As most employees will avoid outdoor breaks, you will need to keep the air fresh by using a ventilation system. Not only better air quality removes gems, but it also helps improve work performance. Also, pay heed to your company’s plumbing and filtration systems to remove pathogens.

Social distancing measures

Maintaining social distance is crucial, and especially in a compact space like an office. When you want everyone to stay safe from the spread of the virus, make sure every employee follows protocols, including wearing masks and sanitizing hands in every twenty minutes. Do not forget to limit the number of people in a small space like a cabin or conference room. The professionals and all the people starting the offices should maintain social distance as it is our best weapon against this virus.

Follow CDC Standards

Always stay up-to-date with CDC standards. Although you are planning to open your office back up, you would still need to consistently follow CDC guidelines. Turn on email alerts for new CDC posts and keep your eyes on social media for updates.

Hire a professional cleaning company

Before you open the workspace for your employees, be sure to look at “office cleaning companies near me” on google and hire the best cleaning company for sanitization. Even if your building already has dedicated cleaning professionals, it is best to hire a cleaning company to take extra precautions.  John Spach suggests to partner with a company that follows all COVID standards.

Getting back to the old routine while adopting the new normal could feel a bit intimidating. But when you keep these tips in mind, you can once again open your workspace and keep your employees safe from the COVID-19 virus. Get in touch with an office cleaning company right away. You can easily find a plethora of cleaning companies over the internet, and you just need to pick the best one. It makes sure you always compare the options before hiring someone and look for the reviews online. You can even go through the previous work of the companies and ask the business about the service from their clientele.