These days, it’s much easier to build a career anywhere you’d like in the Philippines. Even then, more Filipinos look for jobs in Manila than in any other place in the country for several good reasons.

Here’s why Metro Manila continues to attract thousands of local job seekers daily, despite growth in other parts of the country:

Higher salaries

Metro Manila has the highest median salaries in the Philippines by a wide margin. This applies to virtually every industry in the country, including surprising areas such as mining and agriculture, as many large mining and agriculture companies have headquarters in the area. The infamous “provincial rates” do not exist in Metro Manila, and salaries are continually increasing due to competition between different companies.

More available jobs

The National Capital Region’s concentration of infrastructure, major educational institutions, government offices, and professional services means that it’s just more attractive to do business here compared to other parts of the country. The large population also provides both a ready market and a diverse pool of skilled labor.

This all creates job openings, which in turn increases incomes, which in turn creates a bigger demand for goods and services that creates even more jobs. While this also happens in other major Philippine cities, it does not happen on the sheer scale that it does in Metro Manila.

Better exposure to international markets

Metro Manila is host to thousands of different international businesses from virtually every country in the world. If you’re interested in building connections with the international business scene but can’t leave the country for long periods, moving to Metro Manila is your best option.

More opportunities for negotiation

Because the job market in Metro Manila is competitive compared to those in other parts of the country, employers are somewhat more willing to negotiate with applicants. Even with the economic gains of other major urban centers such as Metro Cebu and Metro Davao, the Metro Manila job market remains the largest and most dynamic in the country, giving Manila-based applicants an edge in salary negotiations.

Faster-paced work environment

While certainly not for everyone, the faster pace of business in Metro Manila is perfect for those who want to quickly develop their job skills and experience. The faster pace and access to different resources also makes it simpler to quickly accumulate certifications, portfolios, professional contacts, and other things that can help you advance your career.

More avenues for career growth

If you want to switch career paths or have decided that you’ve had enough of your current job, living in Metro Manila simply gives you many more options than any other place in the Philippines. Its economic scene has long been the most dynamic in the country, with new businesses frequently coming in and shaking up different industries. If you’re ambitious and want to have the most opportunities for advancing your career, moving to Metro Manila is definitely something you should consider.

A wider network of professional contacts

Because of the sheer concentration of businesses and related infrastructure in Metro Manila, it’s much easier for locals and other people based in the area to build a network of useful professional contacts. This makes it more appealing to job seekers that plan to start their own businesses in the future.

The National Capital Region’s high concentration of businesses will ensure that jobs in Manila will continue to have the highest diversity and compensation in the country. While it’s no longer the clear choice for building a career in the Philippines, it still presents a greater wealth of career opportunities than any other major urban center in the country.