Dissatisfied employees are costly to your organization. If you don’t take the steps to figure out why employees aren’t satisfied, it’s unlikely you’ll solve the issue in the future. The current level of Employee Engagement in the United States is at 66 out of 100, which means organizations throughout the country have some work to do. When employees are engaged, they’re more satisfied with their job, which means there is less chance of turnover or unexpected quitting from your staff. It’s not too difficult to engage your employees, but it does take some work on your part and the part of your management staff. By getting everyone involved in the engagement process you can increase your employee retention rates, create a more comfortable work environment and encourage employees to refer friends or even family to work for your company in the future. It’s time to avoid disengaged employees and see how engaged employees can benefit your company.

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The Issue with Poor Employee Engagement 1

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