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Best Ways to Value an SME Business during Uncertain Times

The global pandemic has changed life as we know it. At this point, it is not clear how devastating impact it has had by putting a hold on countless business opportunities. However, many people are facing financial and emotional hardships. Thankfully, it looks like more and more places are opening up again at limited capacities, but that [&hellip

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How communication helps entrepreneurs

Communication has a pivotal role to play in the development of an entrepreneurial society. It will open vast information activities that will create the necessary climate for entrepreneurial development. This will open up new opportunities otherwise inaccessible to ordinary entrepreneurs. • Communication plays a vital role even to small enterprise, where control by one person [&hellip

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Why Not All Customers Are a Good Fit for Your Business

Businesses around the world changed a lot in the past century. There is much change in terms of product offering, marketing strategies, business ethics, and much more. But one ethic that many of the businesses still follow is the mantra, “The customer is always right.” which was given by Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1909. This [&hellip

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Why Digital Commerce Will Be The Next Buzzword In The Future?

Before we begin with this article, let us explain what we exactly mean by a ‘buzzword’. A buzzword is usually a type of jargon that becomes popular at a particular time. Now, digital commerce is a rising field. It has been attracting many investors because this world is full of opportunities and innovations. With the [&hellip

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What it takes to be an Entrepreneur?

Hope is the last thing an entrepreneur think of giving up. Money come and goes but the most important value which sticks to a businessman is his hope to gain profit. However, here’s the list of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Check this out and find out later if you have these guts [&hellip

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The shrinking global economy under COVID 19 pandemic by Beth Debouvre

There have been many speculations by leading economists that the worldwide economy can shrink by 3% in 2020. This slowdown is the steepest compared to any in the recent decade. Lockdown confined millions of people within their homes for months limiting economic activity.  The lockdown declared by the nations worldwide has also led to the [&hellip

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Why Cooperatives fail?

Abe Belina, a writer of the The Filipino Entrepreneur jotted down some of the reason why cooperatives in the Philippines fail. Cooperatives or coop in the common term is a group of people who have set up their own enterprise for their common good in which people is a common element. Though many studies attempt [&hellip

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Making a Comeback Post-COVID

It is a testament to the resilience of Filipinos to find opportunity in adversity. Consumption shift has been evident in the past months since the quarantine period started, with more Filipinos finding ways to create an economic activity to adjust to the conditions dictated by the pandemic. From this and the current consumer behavior, we [&hellip

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How entrepreneurship shapes development

Government has been all eyes and ears in boosting the rural industries and on employment generation. According to Eduardo Taylor, an acknowledged authority on small enterprise development, the following are the principles in shaping up entrepreneurship as a key to development in the countryside. • Entrepreneurship creates employment. Setting up an enterprise would \mean hiring [&hellip

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