Content marketing is the process in which you create and distribute helpful, relevant information through various media channels to attract potential customers. Your content should be relevant to your business so people will come to trust you and your knowledge of what you are selling.

If you are trying to build a successful online business, content marketing can do much more for that business than simply placing ads. People are looking for information and they can see through fluffy, useless content. But not only is it people that are looking for valuable content but the search engines are as well.

If you have not done so already, you need to start producing an applicable content marketing plan. Below are some important strategies to help you implement a successful campaign.


1. Find Out What Information People Want and Need – Visit social sites, ask questions, do surveys, visit forums, etc., and find out what people want to know and what information they are seeking. All the content in the world won’t do you any good if nobody wants the information you provide.

2. Schedule Your Content to Match Seasons or Holidays – Each month of the year could bring the need for specific information. Match your content to specific needs for each month of the year. For example: if you own a gardening and/or landscaping business you could provide content on what you should be doing each month to accomplish the best garden/yard possible.

3. Use Your Content as a Lead-In – Write a series of articles that lead to a product or event to bring attention to it. The information provided in the content can be an effective magnet towards the bigger goal.

4. Use Appropriate Formats – Some content will simply not do when just written out. Use videos, infographics, podcasts or other highly effective formats to achieve the desired outcome. Even adding a simple graph or powerful image to your text will help improve the content’s success. Studies show that visual content is much more effective than simple text.

5. Case Studies – Using case studies in your content shows people that you definitely know what you are talking about because you are basically proving it to them with the case study. In addition, the case study will put your information into a real-life situation and make it seem more applicable and attainable. People will want to know how other people or companies made the information work for them so they can do the same.

6. Encourage Interaction – Sometimes getting people involved in your post will boost its power considerably. Add a short quiz, game, trivia contest, survey, etc., to connect with your readers. Getting people involved could generate numerous leads for your business.

7. Sense of Urgency – If you can produce a sense of urgency in your content, it might just get people thinking they have to read your content. Use words like “need to know” or “secret uncovered” or other similar words and phrases that create that feeling of urgency.

8. Customer Experience – Using real-life customer testimonials or experiences in your content can give your words a lot of impact. People will relate with the customer and in doing so will bind more to your content.

9. Use Quotes – People love quotes. Integrate funny, inspirational, motivational or just plain helpful quotes into your content. Be sure not to use anything offensive or inappropriate.

10. What Not To Do – Content highlighting mistakes or blunders does very well. Use titles like “How to Design the Worst Possible Website ” or 10 Ways to Destroy Your Customers’ Trust” (I think this might be my next article). These types of articles generate a lot of interest. People want to make sure they are not doing the things highlighted in the content.

Content marketing is not a new idea but new techniques and strategies can bring your content marketing campaign out of the dust and propel your business forward.

Terri Seymour

About the Author:
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