If you’re completely new to the world of how to make money online, welcome! Make money online is an exciting venture that not many people will attempt and even fewer will see success with. One of the biggest problems (especially in today’s economy) is that most people are looking to make money online with absolutely no investment and having a little to no budget. While a lot of people commonly believe that it takes money to make money, I don’t personally believe in this myself. There are free ways you can make money online.

make money online

1 – Free Blogging
While there are paid blogging platforms out there and hosts that’ll give them to you for free, there are some free blogging platforms out there as well. Blogger by Google is one example of a free platform that lets you create an unlimited amount of blogs. Pick a topic you’re passionate about and begin writing. If you stick to it you will eventually make money. You can make money by placing Ads on your blog.

2 – Paid Surveys
There are a lot of scam sites and weary sites involving paid surveys out there but there are a lot of legit ones as well. You have to search around and do adequate research on a company before signing up with them to get paid to take surveys. Also, avoid those surveys that pay you only after you’ve entered your credit card information. There are plenty of companies out there that are legit and will pay you for your opinion or input.

3 – Article Writing
Writing articles is like cutting grass in the internet world. It’s not a fun task and it’s actually quite tedious but it can be worthwhile if you need the money. Plus, you can set your own price so you might even make it into a career if you’re good at it. There are hundreds of forums and freelance sites that allow you to find clients to write for. Just be careful when dealing with PayPal which is what most clients pay with, and make sure to get 50% of the payment upfront when dealing with a large order.

4 – Consulting
Are you a good talker or salesman? You can talk a company or new business into letting you consult them on how to shape their business and what steps to take their company in. Some companies are struggling and just need advice on how to advance forward. Perhaps you can advise websites on SEO advice and how to rank higher in the search engines after reading up on Search Engine Optimization. Companies will pay a huge chunk of change for this information.

5 – Social Bookmarking/Submission
Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites that has a big potential in making money. This might be the most tedious task of all of the methods described but it pays big money. People will pay you to manually submit their website to bookmarking sites and to submit some of their articles to directories because it’s a very painful task. You have to register with each website with a valid e-mail, and then fill in details on every single submission.