Tilapia tocino is just one of the four products from tilapia developed by DA-BFAR 2 in a project, “Value-added products from Tilapia”, which aimed to increase the economic returns from its production. To augment their profit, tilapia producers may take part in the processing of tilapia into tilapia tocino which can be sold at a greater price.

tilapia tocino

Tilapia Tocino Recipe

10 kg Fresh Tilapia

4 cups Soy sauce
4 cups Brown Sugar
2 tbsp. Black Pepper
½ cup crushed Fresh garlic

1. Clean the fish (remove scales, guts and gills)
2. Wash Thoroughly
3. Cut the head and fillet the fish
4. Wash thoroughly and drain
5. Prepare the marinating solution(1:1 ratio of soy sauce & sugar) and mix other ingredients
6. Soak the filleted fish for six hours
7. Drain
8. Pack in vacuum machine & freeze

Dela Cruz, R. (2010). BAR supports packaging of 4 value-added products from tilapia. BAR Chronicle September 2010 Issue (Vol. 11 No. 9)

Image credit: tilapiatocino.blogspot.com