Tilapia Longganisa (Value-Added Products from Tilapia). To boost the income from tilapia production, tilapia farmers may indulge in the processing of fresh tilapia into Tilapia Longganisa which may be sold at a higher price.

tilapia longganisa

Tilapia Longganisa Recipe

Raw Materials:
10 kg. Fresh Tilapia
Pig Casing

1 cup Soy sauce
½ cup Vinegar
2 tbsp. Black pepper
½ kg. Fresh garlic
½ cup Brown Sugar
2 tbsp. Salt

1. Clean the fish (remove scales, guts and gills)
2. Wash thoroughly
3. Cut the head and fillet the fish
4. Wash thoroughly
5. Using grinder, grind the fish
6. Mix all ingredients thoroughly
7. Stuff into pig casing
8. Tie according to desired size
9. Pack and weigh
10. Pack in vacuum machine
11. Freeze

Source: region2.bfar.da.gov.ph