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Tilapia Tocino (Value-added Products from Tilapia)

Tilapia tocino is just one of the four products from tilapia developed by DA-BFAR 2 in a project, “Value-added products from Tilapia”, which aimed to increase the economic returns from its production. To augment their profit, tilapia producers may take part in the processing of tilapia into tilapia tocino which can be sold at a [&hellip

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Tilapia Longganisa (Value-Added Products from Tilapia)

Tilapia Longganisa (Value-Added Products from Tilapia). To boost the income from tilapia production, tilapia farmers may indulge in the processing of fresh tilapia into Tilapia Longganisa which may be sold at a higher price. Tilapia Longganisa Recipe Raw Materials: 10 kg. Fresh Tilapia Pig Casing Ingredients: 1 cup Soy sauce ½ cup Vinegar 2 tbsp. [&hellip

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