Making Cough Candy Using Herbal Plant Extracts

Researchers of ITDI have formulated a cough candy using oils of ginger (Zinigiber officinale Rosc ) and “kalamansi” (Citrus microcarpa Bunge) and extracts from tamarind (Tamarindus indica Linn.) and “kalamansi”. The use of local plant products to substitute for the imported raw materials/ingredients in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals may help contribute to the reduction of prices of drugs which have become prohibitive.

Cough Candy


Sugar: 80 g
Glucose: 90 g
NH4Cl: 1 g
Color: 0.05 g
Menthol: 0.10 g
Powdered sugar: 2.5 g
Water: 25 ml
Kalamansi juice: 10 ml
Tamarind nectar: 10 ml
Ginger oil: 0.15 ml
Kalamansi oil: 0.15 ml
Magnesia powder: 2.5 g


1. Place sugar, glucose, water, kalamansi juice, tamarind nectar and food color in a pan on a gas stove and stir until dissolved. Allow the mixture to steam and cover.

2. Boil up to 140 C or until the desired hardness is reached. Then add NH4Cl, mix and fold in menthol crystals and the essential oils (kalamansi and ginger).

3. Pour into previously greased molder. Cool and remove from the molder and blend with a mixture of powdered sugar and magnesia powder.

4. Put on a sieve and pack as desired. The batch will yield approx. 35-45 candies.

Source: Phil Technology Journal Vol. XIII, No. 1, Jan-Mar 1988