1424 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

Program Title: SHORT TERM LOAN

Program Objectives: To bridge the gap of payables and receivables of small and medium enterprises.

Eligible Borrowers:
* Single Proprietorship
* Partnership
* Corporation
* Businessmen/Entrepreneurs

Loan Purpose: For working capital requirement.


Loan Amount: Depends on actual requirement.

Interest Rate: Prevailing market rates.

Maturity / Repayment: One year
* Principal – Lumpsum upon maturity with provision for rollover.
* Interest – Monthly interest payment.

* Real Estate Properties or Chattel Mortgage;
* Postdated Checks (PDCs) of the borrower; and
* Continuing Suretyship of the Principals.

Contact Details:
Mr. Henry C. Episcope
Assistant Vice President
Accounts Management Group
Phone: (632) 924.5744