Gone are the days when you freely picked calls from spam and or unknown numbers. Today, with various forms of scam, and distractions, there is the need for more care and restrictions in taking spam and calls from strange numbers. Everyone including business owners want to have some information on callers such as the identity of the caller and where they are calling from. For businesses, it is not advisable to refuse to take calls because they look like spam or are unknown numbers, as you do not want to miss a call from a very good business prospect.  To overcome this challenge, this article will show you safe, simple and effective ways on how to find who is calling you from this number.

How to find out who called me from this phone number

You can unveil the identity behind a hidden phone number who called you on a particular mobile number. You have to then decide whether you would like to pick up or just ignore. Any of the methods below would help you, depending on the situations in your hands. Remember you need to play safe to ensure you are not exposed or at any form of risk.

?    User Call/SMS identity revealing Apps like TrueCaller

?    Search the new Number Online

?    Try searching the number on Facebook through the phone number search option

?    Use a Reverse Lookup Website

?    Contact Your Phone Service Provider

You can also check the article how to find out who called me from this phone number by Radaris.

User Call/SMS identity revealing Apps like TrueCaller

For many phone users, Truecaller is perhaps the first option that comes to mind. Beyond providing the identity of your private caller, the Truecaller app also reveals the number behind the identity of the private caller. Once it has been downloaded and installed easily with the property settings, you can find the name, phone number, network provider and even the town or location of the caller. Truecaller also works with SMS and more recently on WhatsApp.

Search the Number Online

There are search tools or websites offering services that could help you trace the telephone number who called you. These websites or tools come with unique features that can help you find out who called your cell phone number. Furthermore, some of these websites go beyond helping you identify private numbers; they also track the personal information of the person (s) at the other end of the unknown number.

Try searching the number on Facebook through the phone number search option

Facebook has a number of people search/add friends’ options such as username, location, mutual friends and even phone number, which is most likely the less used option. Simply type the new phone number that called you on the search bar where you search friends on Facebook. If the person registered their Facebook account using their phone number, you are most likely to find a profile connected to the phone number.

Try a Reverse Phone Lookup Website

The reverse phone lookup option could be trusted largely, because they pride themselves with an usually updated database. The interesting part is there are no charges attached. A search result would typically reveal the name of the person and their address and other information. It will help you identify the strange caller within seconds.

For example, Radaris is one of the world-leading reverse lookup firm, and the tool helps run background checks and reveals resourceful data about a person with just a phone number.

Seek help from Your Phone Service Provider

This has to be the last option. After trying your hands on the above ways, and you still cannot find out who called your cell phone number, it is time to reach out to your service provider for help.  Depending on the rules of operation in the country and the service provider, you could report all unknown/ private numbers to your phone service provider.

Finally, if the calls are persistent and begin to stress or irritate you, threatening your peace, security and life, you may contact the police or other authorities. You are only trying to play safe.

At the end of the day, there is no perfect one that fits all methods. Choose what works for you, hopefully the amount of spam and strange calls do not increase. Even if they do, with these methods, you can stay ahead.