Interested in real estate investing? The real estate industry opens a lot of opportunities for investors especially when it comes to generating passive income. But aside from the traditional way to invest, there are new real estate investment options that you should not miss out on. One of them is REIT or Real Estate Investment Trust.

REIT is now available in the Philippines. Its concept is taken from mutual funds and opens the opportunity for investors to own, manage, or finance income-generating real estate assets. As with traditional real estate investments, REITs allow investors to make money from residential or commercial properties. It is an attractive option for those who want to maximize their earning potential. However, to be on top of it, you’d first need to learn about the processes they involve and how they can impact your revenue. Aside from that, you should also get an overview of how they differ from direct real estate investing.

Want to know more? Here’s an infographic that shows a comparison between REIT and direct real estate investing particularly on how they differ in terms of initial costs, income potential, liquidity, tax breaks, and control.

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