Podcasts are a booming media market and with good reason! As a medium that can be listened to nearly everywhere and anywhere, this is an egalitarian option for everyone to learn new things, engage with quality content for free and be entertained all at the same time. From Spotify to Apple and Audible, this is major business and an excellent way to enjoy audio on the go.

One genre that’s seeing significant growth is the finance sector of podcasts and it makes a lot of sense. For the average person, finance can be a fairly intimidating topic and with this golden era of audio, it’s suddenly possible to be engaged in accessible and inclusive conversations overseen by industry experts. Money and finances are often a social taboo so there’s an added layer of attraction for people who have been looking to gain better literacy in the area but didn’t know who they could trust short of shelling out for a one-on-one appointment with a financial advisor.

The opposite occurs with finance podcasts. This area of audio shows is highly creative with episode formats including interviews with experts, curious amateurs picking the brains of more experienced industry players, and discussions focused on emerging markets like digital entrepreneurship and cryptocurrencies. It’s a compelling listening experience for anyone and with so many shows to choose from, people can find both the financial content they’re looking for and more experimental stories that people in the know are lifting the veil on for the general public.

All Finance Tax put together this infographic as a comprehensive guide to finance podcasts that provide an enriching financial education to listeners. With analysis of podcast charts and episodes, this resource is a fantastic 101 on leading finance podcasts whether you’re already an avid listener or looking to get started in this audio niche! Here’s to this journey of listening and expanding your financial horizons.

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