According to industry experts, podcasts have been gradually gaining popularity since 2006. In 2019, their popularity rose a whopping 300% as compared to 2006, and surveys found that nearly 73 million Americans listened to podcasts every month.


Any broadcast medium becomes popular with marketers because of its consumer appeal, reach, and influence. Podcasts are no different. Marketers have been quick to grab this opportunity to reach the podcast-hearing segment of the market.

Podcasts are changing the content game as they are different from the written content. Think of the difference between a newspaper ad and a radio ad, now interpret it for the 21st century. Businesses can use podcasts to deliver relatable content and inspire conversation in different industries, which helps to spread the word about their brand.

Here are 4 ways in which Podcasts can bring a positive change in your business:

1. Podcasts Have Low Competition

Compared to other forms of marketing, podcasts are considered to be an up-and-coming approach. This leaves a lot of room for digital marketers. When you search a specific keyword, you may find hundreds of social media pages run by different brands but only a few podcasts addressing the same topic. The podcast world isn’t as saturated as other digital media, which encourages businesses to initiate a discourse on themes that are related to their industry. This gives them access to a faction of active listeners that would eagerly subscribe to their podcast and tune in regularly for the discussion. Before you start, be sure to do some research on what your audience likes so you can share stories relevant to your niche.

2. Podcasts Are Mobile-Friendly

People who are constantly on the road, those whose jobs involve traveling and commuting to their workplace can’t read blogs or watch videos. These on-the-go individuals would rather listen than reading. Just like how some people prefer to listen to audiobooks, then read the paperbacks.

The fact that podcasts are portable is another appealing feature, which means that people can easily access your episodes on their mobile devices. Businesses that leverage the help of podcasts to promote their brand can tap into a large pool of consumers they were missing before. This gives them a competitive edge over their rivals in the market.  

3. Engaging & Convenient for Listeners

Most people are performing different duties and trying to get to the end of the day by completing daily tasks and chores. This makes it difficult to take time out to read the news, check social media, or just casually surf the net. Reading a long article demands a person’s full attention so that they can understand the message, so it’s definitely not ideal or productive to read a blog while multitasking.

Meanwhile, playing a podcast requires little to no effort on the user’s end, and episodes can continue playing in the background while people go about their chores. Everyone from stay-at-home mothers, working parents, senior citizens, teens, and young adults can hit, play, and listen. Nowadays, there are podcasts related to anything and everything. If your target audience is mothers, then a podcast series dedicated to discussing all sorts of life-hacks and tips that can be helpful for mothers would be appreciated.

There are two ways that businesses can go about this; first, they can sponsor content, and second, they can develop their podcast. The first method is pretty conventional; brands sponsor podcast authors so they can create the content they like in exchange for brand publicity. For example, carpet cleaning Stevenage may sponsor an episode of podcasts that focus on home care, such as Help Choose Home or Disrupt.

On the other hand, the carpet cleaning business could start a podcast themselves and create unique content to engage their consumers. For example, they may create a mini-series in which they welcome carpet cleaning experts who explain how best to take care of their carpets.

Whichever method you choose, it’s a win-win!

4. Podcasts Are Exponentially Growing In Popularity

A study conducted by Statista showed that in 2018, 48 million people listened to podcasts on a weekly basis. It is expected that this number will rise to 115 million by 2021, which reveals the true potential that lies in podcasting.

People become annoyed when pop-ups or banners appear while they are browsing the web for important information. Safe to say, they don’t have to worry about such interruptions when listening to podcasts, which makes their experience a lot more pleasant.

It is relatively easier to speak than to write; similarly, it is simpler to listen than to read a blog or article. Most importantly, businesses that are tapping into the podcasting industry can target the special needs audience that other companies aren’t considering. Visually impaired individuals that have sharper hearing senses can enjoy your episodic content while carrying on with their daily activities.

Moreover, a large number of people find listening to another person’s voice, soothing and calming. When they hear the speaking style, tone, and pitch of the speaker, it sparks a connection between the speaker and the listeners. Those listening will feel a lot closer to you and find you more relatable, which in turn makes them trust your business and services as well. Hence, entering the podcast game right now is a profitable marketing move as you get to beat the crowd and reach a generous niche audience.

If you want your podcast to climb to the top of the charts, keep these tips in mind when creating content:

  • Shine Light On Prominent Issues And Trends

In your podcasts, share your opinions related to essential problems that relate to your company and targeted audience. Also, you can discuss those products and services which are currently in high demand.

  • Invite Experts Or Guests

Businesses can host guests and invite experts that work in your industry to offer educational and relatable advice to listeners. It offers additional value to the listener’s experience when they know they have something more to look forward to, which elevates their trust and bonding with your brand.

5. Businesses Can Authentically Connect With Consumers

Podcasts can help establish a real connection between the brand and customers. The growing network of podcasts is enabling brands to create brand credibility and authenticity. Podcasts allow a level of interactivity that isn’t associated with other types of content, which helps solidify the brand’s connection with listeners. Businesses can rely on these interactive experiences to elevate brand awareness and beat their competitors.

Podcasts – The Way Forward for Modern Businesses

Businesses can truly benefit from creating a podcast as long as they pay attention to what the audience enjoys. Podcasts are rapidly revolutionizing the marketing realm and facilitating businesses to reach their target audience. As more and more brands uncover the power of audio engagement, you’ll witness a spike in podcast advertising as it continues to boom across the globe.

Author Bio:
Shaheryar provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for Carpet Cleaning Stevenage.