Instagram is one of the rapidly booming social media platforms on earth with an excellent engagement rate and is encouraging brands to prosper all over the planet. Having an Instagram account is not sufficient; you have to examine, optimize, and build your followers. The easiest method to achieve this is to share content frequently, and while this may not seem like rocket science, getting the most people to see your postings is essential. 

It is good to have a Business profile on Instagram. By switching your profile to a business profile, you can monitor and analyze the performance of your posts, profile, and stories, thereby enabling you to study success, implement a strategy that works and discard ones that have failed. Let us see some brilliant tips to hit the highest Instagram reach.

1. The Instagram Algorithm

The reach of any post on Instagram is highly dependent on algorithms; hence it is essential to learn how it performs. The algorithm determines where your post must appear on the audience’s home feed. When sharing non-engaging content, the algorithm does not consider it, and hardly anyone would see it. There are three main factors that the algorithm takes into account to rank feeds,

Engagement: This shows how many audiences communicated with your content by liking, sharing, saving, and commenting. The greater the engagement, the greater your rank and the high possibilities of featuring on the explore page.

Speed of Engagement: The key sign of achievement is high engagement to your posts; if the engagement rate is two-fold in a short span, your posts would probably rank higher and acquire massive brand exposure. 

Fresh Content: New posts get ranked at the top than the older ones.

2. Share High Engagement Posts

The algorithm considers posts with more engagement rates, so it is your task to make sure you get it done rightly! Some brands on Instagram post the same content repeatedly, this may seem appealing at first, but after some days, it might become uninterested in the same post, leading to a drop out in engagement rate. Try to incorporate multiple content strategies to increase engagement. Sharing variable content is crucial; it could be product promotion, behind-the-scenes shots, location pictures, or video clips. Two post types that magnify engagement is:

Contests: Businesses can often hold contests, and the entry terms could be to like, comment, and share on your posts. Here, you could engage the audience, and if you opt for the proper contest, you will acquire a tremendous engagement rate.

Questions: Ask questions to your audience in your posts to spark a conversation in the comment section. You could share two pictures and ask the audience for their opinions.

One sure thing is, when a follower engages for a long time with any of these posts, your upcoming posts will get ranked high on their home feed( the algorithm considers they are interested in your content). Make use of these post types whenever you want to improve your engagement. Do not overdo contests and questions, as success on Instagram is not solely dependent on it.

3. Time of Day

As discussed before, the two essential ranking factors are engagement speed and fresh content. The perfect way to sharpen your content to these signals is to share them at the ideal time. Rather than posting at times that suit you, post while your target audience is most active and is likely to engage. Hence focus on your posting times around your followers. You could get it done in different ways, initially by thinking about how well you are aware of your audience. As a part of marketing tactics while working with a client or promoting a brand yourself, figure out the potential audience for your brand.

4. Post Video Clips

Video is the most rapidly growing content on the Internet, and its familiarity continues to expand more and more. There are a lot of studies on the comparison of pictures and videos engagement rates. And while some claim that pictures boost more engagement, it is not at all correct.

Pictures get more likes as the followers scroll through the home feed, tap the heart button on posts that captivate them. But video clips are known to obtain more than two times the total comments. Comments are a genuine type of engagement. It is no surprise that while ranking posts, the Instagram algorithm favors comments over likes. 

With videos, audiences get inclined to invest more time in your posts. For instance, if you come across an attractive picture, you would spend five to ten seconds to view it, but if you encounter a one-minute video that grabs your attention, you will invest the whole sixty seconds to watch it.

The more you make the audience look at your content on the platform, the more the algorithm cares for you. Therefore, try to upload videos in your posts to build reach and attract new audiences.

5. Cross-Promote your Brand

Cross promoting your band on other platforms is a perfect strategy to increase your reach. If you post a picture or video on Instagram, you must also share the same on other social media networks. Instagram enables you to achieve this by sharing on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Cross-posting your best content on Instagram and Facebook is a common approach, but do not overdo it. When you reshare every content on multiple platforms, your feeds will look the same everywhere; people that follow you on Facebook may not follow on Instagram because they see the exact content elsewhere.

6. Use Hashtags Wisely

Pictures and videos tagged with hashtags reach a greater audience than the ones without tags. The platform allows you to include up to thirty hashtags for every post, and you must use at least ten hashtags for posts. Focus on the famous hashtags that are in your niche, trending hashtags, and branded hashtags. Posts with hashtags are discoverable on the explore page, so it is crucial to insert hashtags in all posts.

7. Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content is produced by your followers or by other people, which is shared in your profile or beneath your brand’s hashtags page. This content performs well to gain a following, build reach and connect with the audience. By compiling and sharing the best of the audience’s content, you could get automatic Instagram likes for social proof that help build trust and reliability. When you publish your followers’ content on your Instagram profile, that follower will like, share, and tag the post; in turn, when their followers do the same thing, it could be the start of a snowball effect.

8. Make Instagram Ads

The prince of social media marketing, Facebook, owns Instagram, and they have loaded plenty of their knowledge into the image-sharing app. An Instagram ad showcases your posts in the home feed of people that are not following you, thereby maximizing the reach of posts. Also, it will boost impressions that increase engagement and organic reach for your posts and the possibilities of getting featured on the explore page.

9. Create Instagram stories

Over five hundred million accounts use Instagram stories daily. 

Do you? And, if you don’t, why not?

Instagram Stories take the top of followers’ home feeds and are a viral feature on Instagram. They are likely to attract a high percentage of your followers and could be used to keep them engaged. Stories stay there for 24 hours and disappear beyond that time. Anyway, you can permanently save and pin them to your profile. To engage your audience and stay on top of followers’ minds, you could consider placing a hashtag in your story that helps build your reach.

A significant part of maximizing your reach on Instagram relies on nurturing your current followers; therefore, stories are the perfect way to achieve this.

10. Quality over Quantity

One of the common mistakes made by the majority of brands is publishing more content every day. As listed earlier, the Instagram algorithm considers certain factors, so when you post more and more content, you will tire out your audience, leading to decreased engagement rate and many unfollows.

Crafting a lot of content takes time; instead, spend that time to create quality content. Before posting your content, try to examine your posts. Will they fit your brand? Does that interest your audience? or will it boost engagement? Quality content beats the quantity. Do not publish just for the sake of publishing. Do not post content that is not good enough. Make sure to tailor content that your followers want to follow.

Wrap Up

As the social media platform evolves, challenges continue to rise, and the smart way to succeed is to have good knowledge about the platform and its working. When you thoroughly learn about the ranking of Instagram algorithms, you can create a posting strategy that performs well. Take a look at your existing Instagram profile, the following, and the posts. Are you trying every possible thing to nurture your followers? What ideas would you implement to improve your reach? Experiment, Examine, Optimise. And never stop!