Choosing to host a virtual fundraiser event is the best idea because it opens up room for new possibilities for non-profit organizations. It is the best way for organizers to receive donations on a larger scale.

The biggest benefit of hosting Virtual Fundraisers is that they are not bounded within any geographical boundaries. You get a global stage. A person would be sitting in Korea and coming across your fundraiser online and if they connect with the cause, they donate.

Fundraisers create a sense of community as they are non-profit and organized for causes that are supported by a larger group.

Want to know how you can host a virtual fundraiser event? Here are some highly effective virtual fundraising event ideas for you.

1. The Social Wall

A social wall is a moving and live stream of social media content aggregated from various social media platforms and showcased to a large audience for many marketing benefits. Non-profit organizations have to choose a social media platform and collect the content using their unique hashtag, mentions, tags, etc.

Virtual Fundraiser Event

They get to moderate the aggregated content by filtering out the irrelevant posts and customize the social wall to make it vibrant for the virtual fundraiser event attendees. Organizers can display it on their website or showcase it during live fundraisers.

Displaying pictures of donors on the social wall and showing them how much they matter will encourage more donors. Hashtag campaigns also become seamless with the social wall as it updates in real-time, encouraging more people to post and create a social presence for the cause.

2. Virtual Concerts

Music unites us all, and hosting a virtual concert is the best way to attract donors for your virtual fundraising event. You can send out invites to different bands or musicians to check if they are interested in your cause and would do a concert, free-of-cost.

Once someone agrees, you can have an entire concert on the live stream on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. The platforms have high-quality live streaming options.

To add to that, these social media platforms now come with a “Donate” feature where anyone can click and donate while the live stream is still on. All these factors will come together and urge the audience to donate to your cause.

3. Learning New Skill

Another way to make the virtual fundraiser fun for the donors would be by teaching them a new skill in exchange for their donation. You can ask a skilled person; it could be your friend or anyone from your network.

They can take over your virtual fundraiser live stream and give lessons to the donors who have enrolled. It would be like any other online class, the only difference is that the teacher would be doing it for free, and the class fee the donors will pay will directly go to the fundraisers’ fund.

It can be a language, a dance form, or if you want to make it educational, you can choose a trending topic like cryptocurrency and ask someone who knows that area give everyone a lecture on the same.

4. Social Media Challenges

Everyone who has been on the internet clearly remembers the ‘Ice bucket challenges’ or the ‘Run a mile challenge, but only a few know that they were started for their respective causes, and people who were performing these challenges also donated a certain amount for the same.

This is an amazing way to break the internet. All you need is a celebrity or an influencer who performs the challenge and nominates their followers to join the cause and take part in the challenge.

You can even collect all the content created by the participants and use it for future fundraisers to attract more donors.

5. Birthday Fundraisers

It is a long age tradition to donate on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and other special occasions. Many times, people organize parties and ask their guests to donate in their name to a cause instead of giving them a gift.

You can host a virtual fundraiser for such events on platforms like Facebook or Instagram and ask their friends and family to donate there. You can also send them an e-thank you card that has a picture of the person who is being celebrated on it to indicate that the fundraiser is organized because of them.

It gives more meaningfulness to the entire virtual fundraising event and makes it more intimate.

Over To You

We have now reached the end of this blog, where you got to know about different ideas on how you can host a virtual fundraiser event and make sure it is an exceptional one.

So! Now that we have refreshed your brain with these strategies, it’s time to implement them and ensure you reach as many donors as possible, and make your virtual fundraiser event a success.