Any kind of business venture needs personal touch because it is the heart and soul of the businessman’s vision and mission like the mother’s tender-loving-care formula. According to John Naisbitt, TLC in business means Think, Learn and Create.

TLC in Business 1

Think new and fresh ideas. An entrepreneur never run out of ideas that is viable for business transactions. His innovativeness makes his move stand among the rest. Naisbitt says he may get ideas from others but he thinks of the other way around to excel and get noticed.

Learn to make the idea work. Nasbitt says ideas involve critical and analytical type of learning because an entrepreneur has to focus his attention on how ideas work in concrete forms.

Create to generate new ideas. Naisbitt stress that building a business is a continuous process of creating ideas to gain more new and fresh ideas which led to thinking, learning and creating newer and fresher ideas.

With the vigour, positive attitude and right information of an entrepreneur, business will succeed more likely to a formula of a personal touch.