Cakes nowadays are no longer as simple as having it smothered in sweet butter icing. Since the creation of fondant and gum paste, cake toppers have become more complicated by the day. If you have a baking business, this is a great way to make your products more personalized and attractive for clients.

Edible cake topperLearn how edible sculptures (cartoon-like cows, horses, sheep, and giraffes) can be made using ready-to-use gum paste and fondant from Wilton as demonstrated by Chef Peachy Juban.


Wilton ready-to-use fondant and gum paste
Uncooked spaghetti noodles
Wilton ready-to-use fondant and gum paste can be bought at Gourdo’s and Chocolate Lover. Wilton gum paste is the brand of choice for many pastry chefs because of its high quality. It does not rip easily during rolling.


1. Chef Peachy Juban suggests using ready made fondant and gum paste from Wilton.
2. Research on the figures or animals that you want to make, so that your sculptures are believable.
3. Before mixing colors, try out different volumes of color to make sure that the fondant and gum paste will dry with the shade that you like.
4. Before you start forming the fondant and gum paste, make sure you have clean moist towels ready for your hands.
5. Form the feet first, making sure that it would be able to support the entire sculpture.
6. Like playing clay of play-doh, roll until you form the body and the neck. To prevent the neck from drooping, use uncooked spaghetti to hold the neck upright.
7. Form the head and attach the ears, mouth, and eyes.
8. Attach the complete head to the neck. Once dry, you can also add other details like ears, eyes, and mane.

How to make edible cake topper (Video)

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