How to Make Salty Banana Chips

Salty Banana Chips 1

Materials: Bananas (saba or cavendish) green and matured, salt and cooking oil

Utensils to be used: Knife, strainer, aluminum containers, frying pan, bowls and stirrer

1. Prepare 2 percent salt solution (1 tsp for every cup of water)
2. Wash, peel and slice bananas (as in sweetened banana chips)
3. Soak the sliced banana in the salt solution for 2 hours
4. Drain in a wire mesh
5. Heat the oil (138 C-148 C) Fry the slice bananas until golden brown. Stir occasionally and strain the oil through the wire mesh
6. Let cool and store in bags.

Source: Food Technology and Research Development Program ITDI (DOST)