When you are planning to sell packaging machinery to a dealer, you must be aware of its maintenance and servicing needs. That is because if your industrial equipment falters due to poor upkeep, buyers will not invest in the same. The best way to get all your answers about service or maintenance is by consulting with the manufacturer.

According to an article published on Medium, food-packaging machines offer a couple of benefits. New components and upgrades are included in your existing packaging machinery regularly when required.

In this article, we will walk you through these essential aspects related to packaging machinery maintenance and service. Read on to learn more.

1. Recommended spare parts of the machine

You will find several electrical and mechanical parts amassed to make automated packaging equipment. You will need to repair or replace these components when they fail to function for the best performance of your packaging machinery. Therefore, before you sell used packaging equipment to a dealer, you need to have a list of all the spare parts. It will help you learn the parts’ name and if needed, you can fix or replace a part or two before selling the machinery.

When the manufacturer does not have the spare parts that require repair, you need to procure them from any reputed spare parts store. Usually, the machine manufacturers will have all information related to the spare parts so that you can replace a damaged part with a new one before selling your packaging machinery at a good price.

2. The need for a technician for the maintenance of a machine

Though many people do not pay heed to this aspect, you need an in-house or third-party technician for the maintenance of your packaging machinery. A trained technician has the knowledge and experience of the kind of machines you have, especially the make or model of the equipment.

You might be wondering why you need a technician when you have decided to sell the machinery. Well, no dealer will invest in it without inspecting the machine. Therefore, if you have an independent technician to do a reality check of the machinery, you will have no ugly surprises in store during the sales process later.

Once you know everything is fine with the packaging machinery, give a demonstration so that the buyer understands that the equipment is up and running. This way, the sales process will run smoothly and hassle-free.

3. Know the use of the machinery

While you demonstrate the machine before the buyer, its functionalities must be at your fingertips. You must know which buttons to press to operate the machine to show that the equipment is functioning the right way. If you are confused or cannot demonstrate the machine and its functions confidently, the buyer may feel reluctant to invest in the same. Therefore, always request the manufacturer if there is any provision for training so that you can learn how to use the product.


Now that you have these pointers handy, it will help you demonstrate the packaging machinery to your seller. You need to feel confident and persuasive so that a dealer invests in your machine.