These days, people are overloaded with information. The internet is teeming with digital marketing tips that help entrepreneurs to promote their business. However, all techniques do not cost you much; you just need to know where to look. Opening an online store is easy, but promoting it is a daunting task, especially when you are new to online business and want instant traffic and sales.

eCommerce Business

A new online store is often vacant because people still don’t know about your online store. They don’t have any clue regarding how awesome and quality products and services you are offering. Therefore, if you want instant traffic and boost sales, you are likely to market your store.

You may not be willing to spend a huge amount on marketing, especially if you are a startup, so what should you do? Well, many cost-effective ways to promote your business. Before the Internet’s invention, people had few marketing options such as printing and sponsoring their brand in local events. But now you have a number of ways to promote your business to give wings to your eCommerce store. 

Why It Is Important To Promote Your eCommerce Store 

As the research from Episerver shows that more than 20% of consumers shop online at least once a week, and they used to buy all kinds of products such as clothing, fashion products, books, electronics, medicine, consumer products, and much more. 

Though it seems profitable to promote your store, if you want to increase sales and customer retention ratio, you need to market your business across different channels. 

A website or application alone is not enough to skyrocket sales; it takes persistence and different promotional activities that boost sales and maximize ROI.

Here we are going to discuss some cost-effective ways to promote your eCommerce store. 

Always Keep An Active Email list

Email marketing does not cost you much if you carry it strategically. In the day and age of digital marketing, email marketing is an excellent idea that helps you get familiarised with the web.  

How you can grow your email list. Startup with surveys and signup forms at your online store. You can also encourage your existing customers and ask to subscribe to your store. You should add a subscribe button on the website and application where they can enter their email address. 

As a result, you will end up with an active email list that helps you stay connected with potential buyers and prospects. Ensure you will not constantly be bombarded with advertising messages, it will fury customers, and they will unsubscribe you instantly. 

You should keep regular flow emails that reflect your brand and redirect them to your website or application. 

Collaborative Partnership With Other Brands 

Generate buzz around your store by partnering with major players in your industry. Promoting your website on a popular brand’s page, you can drive thousands of visitors to your website. Collaboration with popular brands is another fantastic way to increase visits and sales. 

For instance, you are a shoe company. The logical way to find a brand that sells shoes and socks. You can promote your store on their social media, and they will be the same. This cross-platform marketing will give you an opportunity to increase sales and build a brand image in the market. 

Make sure you are sharing quality and engaging content that will keep consumers hooked with your brand. 

Spread The Word On Social Media

With the 3.2 billion active users, you can not ignore social media when it comes to promoting your online business. Only Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users. So you can leverage social media platforms to attract consumers.  

Social media promotions are all about consistency- you need to entertain customers and keep them engaged through interesting stuff. Moreover, you need to pick your customer’s favorite social media platform. 

For instance, if you are selling pet food products, Instagram would be an ideal choice over Facebook. Share industry-related news and trends to keep your profiles informative and interesting. Social media is a place where people can gather freely; you should take advantage of it and try to contact buyers digitally. 

If you want to make your social media accounts interesting and engaging, make sure you post vibrant and high-quality content. When engaging on social media channels, integrate customer-centric content, respond to comments, and reply to messages in a timely manner. 

Publish content using highly relevant hashtags, add links to your website and application so that followers can visit your online store directly. 

Invest In Digital Ads

People always click on what they see first on their screen, so you can use Pay Per Click aka digital ads to promote your eCommerce store. There are several ways of paid advertising, such as: 

  1. Video ads
  2. Banner ads
  3. Pay per click
  4. Social media ads, etc.

Pay per click is a type of marketing where companies pay for every click that they receive from ads. It allows you to gain user attention within a short time. Utilizing paid advertisements to promote your online store is an exceptional way to drive traffic to your website. 

Google and Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat using this advertising model and allow entrepreneurs to run digital ad campaigns. 

Bottom Line

The above techniques are slow burner and long term investment. Indeed, they are cost-effective, but you have to keep trying because the competition amongst sellers is peaking. All you need to experiment with modern marketing techniques that allow you to increase traffic and sales. 

The five ways outlined above are only a part of what you can do to market your eCommerce business. There are many other activities and techniques you can try but make sure it should be engaging and gives you the desired outcomes. 

Whether it’s a new or a well-established business, no matter how popular it is, all businesses need modern online marketing techniques as it opens the door to get new buyers and keep their old ones. 

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