Mystery shop workers can earn fantastic cash incentives and free products, and those two awesome benefits are only the start of the amazing things awaiting mystery shoppers. If you thought that It wasn’t really possible to make money mystery shopping, you are in for a real surprise. Men and women can and are making money as mystery shoppers, from locations around the world.

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What Is a Mystery Shopper?

A mystery shopper is an individual who evaluates a restaurant, supermarket, theater or other public place of business. In most cases they work for the place of business and are paid sometimes a flat rate, and sometimes an hourly rate for their work.

A mystery shopper must look at several different aspects of the store and provide a detailed report about their experience.

The shopper acts as a normal customer and evaluates the business on qualities such as atmosphere, cleanliness, products, customer service, etc. The employees of the business are never aware that a person is a mystery shopper.

Companies use mystery shoppers as a means of helping them improve their business because there is no better experience than firsthand experience. Every single day mystery shoppers are doing just this, and everyone benefits from these evaluations . These type of positions can be found in locations all around the world. In larger cities there are many more positions than in smaller towns.

Benefits of working as a Mystery Shopper

As we already mentioned, mystery shoppers can get paid for their evaluations. The amount of earnings varies, so it is important to choose a good company so you will earn the most for your reports. However, you can always count on making at least some cash for your time, and you score freebies as you go. Whether it is a meal from a restaurant, an oil change or a new top, you can stack up on a ton of free stuff in exchange for your help. Other perks that comes along with working as a mystery shopper.

  • Part-Time Work: Wouldn’t it be great to find a job on the side that actually foes with your schedule? This is a job that answers that call. You can work a part-time schedule setting your own days and hours in most cases. And, since you can work for one or more mystery shopping companies, you are free to take on as many mystery shopping positions as you would like.
  • Fun: Having fun is something so many people wish they could do while they worked. When you are a mystery shopper, having fun is a big part of the day. In all actuality it is really not even like work at all!
  • Learn More about the Companies: It isn’t often that a Peron gets to learn more about a company they probably patronize but as a mystery shopper you get the chance to go inside and learn what the others do not. It is a really great thing that can help you choose better companies to meet your need.
  • Improve Company Operations: As a mystery shopper your opinion matters, and your reports are evaluated and used to improve the experiences in the future. Whether it was a positive experience or something more negative, your report really matters and will make a difference.

Enjoy Mystery Shop Work

If you are an adventurous person with attention to detail and enjoy making a difference, working as a mystery shopper could be the ideal way to rack up on some extra cash that you can use for any reason. It is as simple as enjoying something that you like, testing out a product and providing a report.

It doesn’t get any better than that. The listed benefits are among the many that you will enjoy. Who would have ever thought that you could really earn cash working as a mystery shopper? But it is true, and the moment that you are ready could be now.

Check the top 10 mystery shopping companies out there and start making a difference –and making money- without another moment of delay. Imagine what you can do with all of the cash that you have earned from your job.