As a business owner, you’re probably more comfortable leaving all the video editing and publishing work to the professionals on account of all the nuances that follow video production.  

And if you’re a burgeoning organization that’s only just learning the ropes, without a second to spare for the nitty-gritty of video marketing, the last thing on your mind is taking time out for a master class on video editing.  

But without making videos for your organization, there’s a lot you’re losing out on. Audiences you haven’t reached, customers who don’t know about your product or service, and a host of millennials who know nothing about your brand.  

But what if you were told that there’s a very simple way around this conundrum? By using online video makers, not only will you be saving valuable time, but you’ll also be creating stunning videos that are bound to create a buzz in the digital space.  

In that vein, here is a look at 10 of the most noteworthy online video makers you could put to good use for your business.  

1. Animato 

As far as online video makers go, Animato features pretty far up on the list due to the fact that you can also make videos on the platform using your smartphone. The New York City-based tool allows users to pick their own set of photos, music, video clips and furnishes them all to make a stunning slideshow video.  

What’s more, is that the platform offers cloud-computing services with an array of music and video style options with a dedicated library to choose from.  

2. InVideo 

Invideo is one platform that has a tool for every kind of business need. The website features a video maker for YouTube, a promo video maker that allows users to create short video advertisements, and an online movie maker that lets users pick templates from a plethora of pre-existing ones.  

Users can even go so far as to replace images and video clips with their own or choose to pick ones from the platform’s library (which is enormous, to say the least). You can even add your own text, logo, and end up finishing your video in a jiffy.   

3. Kizoa 

With Kizoa, users are allowed to create slideshows as well as videos. You can even make collages and edit photos on the platform. What makes the website stand out though is the fact that users have a lot of customization options when it comes to editing their pictures and clips. 

There are tons of transitions and visual effects you could make use of whether it is for a wedding, a birthday, or a superb product advertisement.   

4. WeVideo 

WeVideo has been servicing customers for more than a decade now. Their platform is simple, accessible, and user friendly. If you’re a startup, or a university looking to make an amazing campus video, this website is for you. Aside from having a timeline feature and storyboard editing facilities, the platform also boasts of a video editing app to boot. 

5. Magisto 

Using this platform requires zero effort. Magisto converts raw footage submitted by users into a sleek and beautiful video automatically. What’s more, is that the platform features inbuilt editing styles such as setting a tone, ambiance, and style for the footage. You can even perform individual, visual, and audio analysis of the videos as well.  

6. Powtoon 

With Powtoon you can create presentations and online videos. If you’re someone with little experience in making a presentation or a video, this platform will take you through the process seamlessly. The best thing about the tool is the fact that it allows you to create animated content and grab as many eyeballs in the process.  

7. Flixpress

Flixpress allows users to create professional-looking videos online all the while making the process simple, economic, and sleek. If you’re just starting out or learning the tricks of the trade, this place is for you. And if you have your eyes set on the launch of a new product or service, you can rest assured that the platform will deliver.  

8. Masher 

Founded in 2008, Masher is a website that mixes and integrates pictures, background music, visual effects, transitions, and various filters to form amazing-looking, viral-worthy video clips. With its enormous built-in library that features clips from big-time platforms like the BBC, CBS, and China Central, you know you’re getting a good deal.  

9. MakeWebVideo 

Simple, seamless, and fast, MakeWebVideo gets things done quickly. The platform ensures the users that their experience will be smooth and efficient. All you need to do is pick a template, edit your video to your liking, and voila! You’re ready to publish and share your clip with your audience.  

A point to be noted is that the platform uses Adobe After Effects to produce its videos.  

10. Dvolver 

Dvolver allows its users to create stunning short films that are in an animated format. You can even chat with your colleagues, friends, and family on the website which is quite a handy feature to come by.  

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, as an entrepreneur or business person, it’s really all about what sort of features you’re looking for in an online video maker that matters. Picking one that is ideal to your company standards, accessibility and user-interface are some of the things you have to consider before you begin your work.