Introducing the RAD model to your business

Low-Code Rapid Application Development Platforms or RAD as they’re often shortened to are a significant game changer for anyone interested in leveraging tech in their business. Whether you’ve a smaller operation, an established company, or identify as a bootstrapped start-up, these platforms can seriously benefit you if you’re looking to develop on limited funds or staffing. The agility, ease, flexibility and ease of comprehension this tech offers makes them extra appealing if you’re less experienced in the arena or can’t invest the heft of a full-time IT pro (or even a few of them!).

What exactly are they though?

According to Herman Morgan, “A low-code mobile app development platform is a collection of tools and services that enable mobile application developers to build and manage mobile apps that are hassle-free.” When it comes to you implementing them, now is the time to do so, especially if you’re rushing to get an app to market.

How can RAD platforms benefit you?

In 2020, as many businesses have switched to remote operations and services, it’s more essential than ever to move forward with tech initiatives that create value without breaking the bank. To assist with learning more about this topic, the following infographic is an expert guide for Understanding Low-Code Rapid Application Development Platforms from ERS IT Solutions.

The graphic explores the technical features of these platforms including why they’re highly suitable for citizen developers who need a quick fix without hefty involvement from developers. With COVID-19 affecting staff as well as budgets, it’s looking inevitable that development will shift towards RAD even more so. In fact, midway through June 2020, Yahoo reported, “The Global Low-Code Development Platform market is expected to reach $53.07 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 26.1% from 2018 to 2026.”  Read on for the full 101 with this graphic and to start creating prototypes.

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