The increasing development and massification of technologies have generated general concern about the possible harmful effects of technological devices on human health. This is mainly due to a lack of rigorous research and distorted risk perception, experts say.

radio waves

So being concerned about the potentially harmful effects of radiowaves is normal. Electromagnetic pollution is produced by radiation generated by electronic equipment or other devices resulting from human activity. All electric current generates an electromagnetic field, but a certain suspicion has developed against the waves emitted by cell phones and other portable devices due to the alleged damage it causes to genetic material, the possibility of developing cancer, and the influence it has on the fetus during pregnancy.

In recent decades, multiple studies have been conducted from different disciplines to determine if there is a real health risk from exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), but insufficient evidence has yet been found to determine negative effects directly related to EMF, at least at the radiation levels allowed by international organizations, according to the power at which they are emitted.

Electromagnetic Waves and Health is the compilation of a series of tests in which different points of view are exposed according to studies carried out by different experts about the influence of electromagnetic waves on health. It is the most complete document that exists about the current debate on electromagnetic waves.

Alejandro Ubeda Maeso, belonging to the Bioelectromagnetic Service in the Research Department of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid, developed a trial as a conclusion of the research, in which he states that “in short, the bioeffects observed in response to weak fields they are not demonstrative of possible harmful health effects. Furthermore, these effects would be governed by biophysical phenomena whose principles and models of action are not sufficiently established. Under these conditions, the promulgation of safety standards based on the aforementioned, subtle, and highly specific bioeffects, for whose understanding we lack proven models, does not seem justified today, “concluded Maeso.

Are Cell Phone Waves Dangerous?

The main concern revolves around the use of cellular devices and telephone antennas that are found throughout the cities; however, there is still insufficient scientific evidence to attribute risk to human health.

During a conference on electromagnetic waves, Ferran Tarrasa, head of Engineering at the Ascó Nuclear Power Plant Plant in Tarragona, Spain, stated that the waves emitted by cell phones and telephone antennas are not ionizing, that is, they have not been proven to have genotoxic effects because it does not affect DNA chains with genetic material, nor does it affect fetal development, the endocrine system or the immune system, nor has a direct relationship been found between electromagnetic waves and cancer.

In recent years, electromagnetic radiation has increased considerably. Although we do not notice it, the effects of these waves accumulate and can harm health, especially in children and young people. It is true that these new technologies greatly facilitate our lives and we could hardly live without them. However, if we are well informed, we can use them more safely.

However, it is advisable to try to follow some precautions as a preventive measure, because epidemiological studies that evaluate the long-term harmful effects derived from exposure to radio frequencies are not yet available.

We have seen that by observing certain rules we can greatly reduce the number of electromagnetic waves to which we are exposed. In the same way, it seems that there are certain elements that absorb a certain number of waves, such as cacti and orgonites. Perhaps putting some of them near certain devices could be a measure, as well as decorative, healthy.

Preventive Recommendations

•  Relocate furniture, especially those that are more frequent, to keep them away from EMF emitters such as fluorescent light and heaters.

•  When shopping for electronics, examine with a meter to determine which ones have the least electromagnetic emission.

•  Consult a qualified electrician to determine the loss of radiation in your home

•  If you suspect that your house is located in an area of ??high electromagnetic exposure, due to its proximity to a telephone antenna or other EMC device, it is advisable to inform the authorities so that the necessary measures can be taken.

•  Decrease the use of wireless devices such as cell phones and laptops.