This isn’t going to be one of those discussions on whether SEO is dead or not. SEO is alive and well in 2019, and on top of that, it is not something that your company might need to consider. It is mandatory. Obviously, getting your company, brand, or product in front of the eyes of your target audience is just as important as having something to offer them in the first place. As much as 61% of marketers maintain that improving SEO and organic presence is their main inbound marketing objective.


And you can rest assured that your direct competitors are inside that 61%, which means they already have a head start if you’re not doing SEO. Moreover, companies are expected to allocate as much as 45% of their marketing budgets to online marketing in 2020, which is a step up from 41% in 2018. Fortunately, you can still catch up if you check out our list of seven reasons why your business should start doing SEO. Keep on reading.

1. Nothing Generates Traffic Like Organic Search

Most of the traffic will come your way from organic search, which means you need to be in Google’s good graces. Not that other search engines don’t matter, but Google is by far the biggest one since it holds 75% of the search market. Paid ads have their place too, but if you are looking for results which will help your company in the long run, SEO is your best bet. Yes, we agree that it’s time-consuming and that it can get expensive, but it’s well worth the trouble because traffic is one of the signals Google looks at when ranking your website or blog.

2. SEO Is the Best Way to Build Brand Awareness

Getting your ecommerce website or blog to rank high will do wonders for your credibility and reputation in the industry. However, even if you have an unlimited marketing budget, that sort of brand recognition would still be impossible without SEO. How so? Well, the three main SEO signals Google looks at are: relevant keywords, quality content, and high-quality backlinks. When it comes to backlinks, provided that you have secured a guest post on an authority website, they have the power to expose your business to a new audience and drive significant traffic to your blog or website, which is yet another ranking signal. Here’s another comprehensive guide on eCommerce SEO, that touches on lots of extra points not explored by others, like Shopify & Amazon SEO.

3. It Allows You to Tackle Larger Businesses

While you probably can’t compete with large corporations in terms of budget and resources, you can level the playing by relying more on SEO, which is a matter of hard work and knowing how search engines work. This is especially true if you have a local business which you have optimized well for your local area, because it has the chance to rank higher than your competitors, no matter how big they are. Your business may even end up inside the coveted featured snippet.

4. It Can Help You Get More Leads and Boost Sales

Getting qualified leads and boosting your sales can be done without having to invest any money, provided that you are doing SEO. First of all, providing high-quality content that is optimizing for the right keywords and which can help people solve their problems will establish your business or brand as a place of authority, and they will be much more likely to choose you in case they want to make a purchase, as opposed to your competitors. Second, you will need to spend much less time on other forms of marketing, such as sending out emails, making cold calls, and so on.

5. You Can Create a Better User Experience

Google has gotten pretty smart over time, so much that it is able to measure the quality of user experience, which is also a ranking factor you need to look out for. In addition to all of the SEO signals we have mentioned above, a couple of others which contribute to better higher ranking, and which are a reflection of good UX, are bounce rate and average time on page. If people go to your site, spend a few seconds there and then never come back, that is a sign of poor UX. It maybe be because your page takes too to load, or because your visitors get tired of clicking in order to get what they need.

6. You Will Get Long-Lasting Results

Even though you will put in the effort and some money into SEO, it will take some time before you are able to see the fruits of your labor. However, while it doesn’t kick in right away, SEO produces a long-lasting effect because it doesn’t take any shortcuts. It is only natural for your page to rank high if it is targeting the right keywords, producing great content, and building backlinks on respected websites. This will result in more traffic, which further boosts your ranking, creating a cycle. Of course, provided that you are keeping up with the changes in SEO, which are pretty common.

7. SEO Is Measurable

Arguably, one of the best things about SEO is that you are able to track nearly all relevant signals, provided that you are using the right analytics software, such as Google Analytics. It’s pretty-used friendly, and it allows you to track anything from traffic, bounce rate, time on page, organic traffic, as well as demographic data of your target audience. Once you have all that data at your disposal, you will be able to establish a correlation between the actions you have taken and the results your SEO efforts have produced.

Final Words

SEO is something that needs to become an integral part of your business, regardless of your niche or how big your company is. We hope that we have provided enough reasons for you to start doing SEO and lead your brand toward success. Good luck!

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