How to Make Sotanghon From Mongo

The usual sotanghon is made from soybeans, but since this is important and more costly, researchers at UP Los Baños have produced sotanghon using mongo, without any distinction from the usual soybean sotanghon.


To make starch:
1. Soak the mango overnight.
2. Grind several times and sieve at 400 mesh.
3. The residue that is left is the material for sotanghon. The portion that is not used contains much protein, which is used as hog feed.

To make noodles:
1. Add water to the starch while stirring, until the right consistency is attained, that is the starch becomes fibery but does not snap. Dip the fibrous starch in boiling water.
3. Rinse.
4. Store first in a cool place before drying.
5. Dry in the sun until only about 4% moisture is retained.

Source: Division Ideas Magazine August 1990