UMMB or Urea-Molasses Mineral Block is a food supplement for cows, carabaos, sheep and goats. This is a block containing a mixture of urea, molasses or honey, cement, rice bran, vitamin and mineral such as di-calcium phosphate and salt.

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Feeding UMMB is considered as one of the most important way to lessen the loss of essential and substantial food for animals especially in the warm months of the year.

Importance of UMMB
UMMB gives energy or heat, minerals and protein needed by animals to increase milk production.

UMMB is rich in:

Mineral – contains elements such as calcium, phosphorous, iodine, zinc, copper and other minerals that are not naturally found in grass. These minerals are important for growth, reproduction and milk production.
Protein – UMMB gives up to 50% protein needed by animals for growth. The mineral content of UMMB also helps in increasing milk production.
Energy – UMMB gives 45% energy needed by animals to increase production of meat and milk.

Steps in making UMMB:

1. Prepare and weigh ingredients according to proper proportions:
2. Prepare the mixing pot. Use a cook ware with a wide mouth like a vat. Old tires can be used a support to the vat.
3. Pour honey into the vat. Slowly add urea while slowly stirring the mixture. Make sure there are no lumps of urea in the mixture.
4. Add di-calcium phosphate and salt, stirring should be continuous.
5. Add cement and continue stirring.
6. Rice bran should be added last. In this case, its better to use hand in mixing or a cement mixer to mix the ingredients thoroughly.
7. Pour the mixture into molds to form the blocks. Each bloke may weigh 1 to 5 kilos each.
8. Wrap each block with plastic and arrange in a box. Wait for 1 to 2 weeks before feeding the block to the animals.

Method of Feeding:

UMMB is fed through “licking” of the animals. Feeding is not difficult since UMMB tastes good to the animals. Place and leave the UMMB in the animal feeder until animals get their daily nutrition needs.

Some Warning when Feeding UMMB:

* Prevent the block from getting wet thereby feeding the animals in excess.
* Don’t give UMMB to animals that are not more than six months and to those animals that are in their last trimester of pregnancy
* Don’t give UMMB when animals are hungry or when the waterer is empty.
* Call a veterinary when symptoms of poisoning are evident like salivating, difficulty in breathing, and bloating.

Other Characteristics of UMMB:

* Helps in increasing appetite
* Increases the ability to dissolve grass fibers and other feed eaten by the animals.
* Maintains the energy and health of animals.