9 Content Strategies You Need For Your Business

Digital marketing is a conglomerate of features where each element plays a critical role one way or another. However, most marketers believe that content is the most important component of digital marketing because it keeps the audience engaged and loyal to the specific brand.

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According to the report, over 70% of marketers claim that content creation increases the number of leads as well as engagement. Another study reveals that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads.

After seeing these stats, the only logical question is: How can I improve my content marketing plan? We are here to help you out with this, so keep reading to learn nine content strategies that can give your business a brand new boost.

1.     Set Your Goals

The first step in content strategizing is to set your business goals. What is it that you want to achieve using content marketing? There are all sorts of options out there, from generating leads and conversions to raising awareness and increasing customer loyalty.

When you know what you want, it is easier to determine measurable key performance indicators (KPIs). These parameters serve as quantifiable indicators that you can use to measure the results of your campaign and compare them with the planned outcomes.

2.     Know Your Audience

Once you’re clear about the objectives of your content strategy, you need to analyze the target audience in order to determine what they do or do not prefer. You don’t need more than basic website intelligence to discover the main features of your typical customers:

  • Age and gender: 18-year old girls don’t want content designed for the 50-something male population.
  • Location: It’s important to locate the audience because cultural peculiarities may influence your strategy.
  • Education: The lower the education level, the simpler the content.
  • Average income: Are you creating posts for well-off individuals or people with lower purchasing power?
  • Lifestyle: Try to understand the values and lifestyle of your average follower because it will give you directions to the corresponding content.

3.     Find the Right Channels

The way your audience behaves will also influence the channels you use to communicate with followers. Jason Mahoney, an AustralianWritings and easy essay  writer in charge of marketing topics, explains how to channel selection works: “There is no reason to waste time or energy creating LinkedIn content if your target group consists mainly of teenagers who use Instagram and Facebook. Keep that in mind before creating any extra accounts on social media or launching email campaigns.”

4.     Determine the Best Content Types

Content types are yet another thing you need to consider before you actually begin creating new posts. This is fundamental because your content has to be versatile and fit the taste of the target group. For instance, Instagram users definitely demand high-quality images and videos, while fans who follow you on Twitter expect witty and clever textual content. You need to be aware of it and create the right type of mix to satisfy the expectations of every follower.

5.     Create High-Quality Content

Now that you’ve got all that covered, it is time to start creating high-quality content. It’s a critical step because more than 70% of consumers say they are turned off by content that seems like a sales pitch.

You can’t find a “one size fits all” plan that fulfills the requirements in all industries, but most marketers try to create posts that are entertaining and highly analytical. The audience loves guides and step-by-step tutorials, but you should feel free to play with different solutions and find the perfect system for your brand.

6.     Develop a Unique Style

If you want to make a brand that really stands out from the bunch of competitors, you need to develop a unique style of content writing. How you do it depends on the nature of your business. If you are running a serious company, you should probably use a lot of data and statistics to support your claims. On the other hand, marketers who target younger audiences usually rely on humor and avoid boring business jargon.

7.     Make a Content Calendar

There is nothing random about content marketing. Every action, blog, or social posts is carefully planned well in advance. That’s why you need to make a content calendar and ensure smooth functioning of your strategy. A simple tool such as Google Calendar can help you to keep the highest level of consistency by setting event reminders and notifications related to new posts, holiday activities, and so on.

8.     Use Digital Tools

Speaking of online tools, keep in mind that a wide range of digital platforms can help you to manage your content creation strategy. It’s impossible to mention every tool in one post, but some of the popular options include:

9.     Measure the Results

The last tip on our list is to measure the results of your content activities. Keep an eye on it all the time and compare achievements with the targeted goals and KPIs. That way, you can understand what works well for your brand and what needs to be eliminated.


Content marketing is what separates productive businesses from their less successful competitors. Content does it all, generates leads, nurtures customer relationships, and drives conversions, which is why you need to design a quality plan.

In this post, we showed you nine content strategies that could give your business a brand new boost. Make sure to use our suggestions and feel free to leave a comment if you have other interesting ideas to share with our readers – we would love to hear your opinion, too!



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