Whether you choose to keep your drinks in a cooler bag or look for a more DIY option over the summer months of the year, there are many options for chilling your beverages. It makes little difference if you are looking for a simple way of chilling alcoholic drinks for a party or taking your family on a picnic, we have a few tips on achieving your ice cold drink goals. From BrandMe cooler bags to DIY coolers, you should never suffer from an unchilled drink again.

  1. Cooler bags

The traditional cooler can be heavy and difficult to carry around when you are on the move, which is why many people moved on to the cooler bag as the best way of keeping drinks and food cold. A cooler bag works in a simple yet efficient way with different layers of insulating materials used to keep the bag flexible and lightweight. The plastic exterior of a cooler bag is lined with a foam-like material which moves but contains excellent insulating properties. The interior of the bag is lined with heavy-duty foil which keeps the cool air within and the warm air of the exterior outside.

  1. Double wall vacuum cups

These drink holders have been popular for a number of years and it is easy to see why they have become a staple for events from tailgates to family picnics and everyday use. There is a range of brands making double wall vacuum mugs which are excellent for the entire year, including their use for hot drinks which can retain their heat during colder months. Not only do these mugs keep your drinks cold, but they are available in a range of different colors and designs to suit every taste.

  1. A backpack cooler

You may look at the backpack cooler and think you do not need a small bag capable of holding around 12 eight ounce cans plus ice, but you may be wrong. A backpack cooler has a number of benefits which include the ability to travel with ease with a small, lightweight cooler on your back. The majority of these backpack coolers have been created with the ability to float, which means they can be taken into the pool or to the beach meaning the traditional cooler is being resigned to history for many people.

  1. DIY Coolers

If you are considering holding a party at your home or in a vacation rental, you should know there are many opportunities to use the everyday objects you have around your home to keep your drinks cool. Your refrigerator may already be stocked and you may not have access to a large cooler to keep all your drinks cool, but a kiddie pool or washing machine can be pressed into action during a party emergency. The washing machine has become a popular option as it can be filled with ice and drinks with the metal body and lid acting as natural insulators. The same can be said for a children’s pool which can be placed in a shaded area and filled with ice to keep your drinks cool for a few hours.

  1. A pre-chill may prove a popular option. Cottage Life reports a popular option which many people forget about is to pre-chill your beverages and cooler to quicken the cooling process. A simple hack is to wrap your drinks in a damp cloth and place them in the freezer for 15 minutes before placing them in a chilled cooler to keep them cold for longer.
  1. Reusable ice cubes

Ice is a great thing for keeping your drinks cold, but it is not without its drawbacks. The traditional frozen water form of ice cubes melts over time to dilute drinks and affect the taste of any liquid it is placed in. Reusable ice cubes are now a popular item for many who like the idea that once chilled, a reusable ice cube can stay chilled for four to five hours. Manufactured from stainless steel, these cubes do not rust or affect the taste of a drink when chilled before being used. The best thing is, just wash them and place them back in the freezer to chill for the next use.

  1. Use a koozie

Perhaps the most simple way of keeping a bottle or can cold at any time of the year is to use a koozie. The koozie is a foam sleeve shaped to fit the bottom of a can or bottle which keeps it insulated for a short period of time to make sure your beverage is cool at the time of drinking.

  1. Make Rice Krispie treat koozies

If you are throwing a party and want to combine the insulating properties of a koozie with the snacks you want to eat over the course of your event, consider Rice Krispies. This may sound like a strange way of keeping a drink cool, but rice is a well-known and popular insulator which can absorb condensation around your can or bottle. One of the benefits of the use of Rice Krispies is that your guests can eat their DIY koozie when they begin to feel hungry.

  1. Make your own cooler

A cooler is simply a container lined with insulating materials which repel the hot air of the exterior. Making your own cooler is easy with a sealing bag, some food containers, and a few sheets of newspaper. Chill the food containers in the freezer for a few hours before filling with your drinks. Wrap each container in newspaper and line the interior of your bag with more sheets of newspaper. Sealing the bag after it is filled should provide enough insulation to keep the cool air chilled around your drinks.

  1. Containers with an ice cone

The benefits of a beverage container with a faucet include the ease with which your guests can serve themselves with a range of drinks. Choosing a drinks dispenser with an ice cone makes it easy for you to keep your drinks chilled for hours without any effort on your behalf.