With such a significant focus placed on digital marketing in this era, some wonder if there is still a need for commercial printing services.

The answer is a definitive yes. Here are five reasons why you would pick commercial printing services when it’s time to have brochures, business cards, flyers, or any other product printed.

Design Options

Commercial printers have a wide array of design options that are available to you when it’s time to print materials that you need for trade shows or marketing, or direct mail.

Having design options ready to go we’ll save you a considerable amount of time and design headache because there will be a predetermined peace for you to choose from that the printer then only has to customize the color, logo, and content for. This not only saves you the headache but will also save you on the time and figuring out on your own which design will work best.

The great thing about commercial printing services is that they’re often able to send you samples of the options that they have and not just digital proof that you see online. This allows you to get a true feel for the size of the quality of the product that you will have printed by them.


Many commercial printers still offer guarantees for their work. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome and you gave them specifications according to their request, they’ll often either replace the work with no extra fees on a rush job or give you a credit for another product in the future.

This differs from work in the digital world where often it’s a one-shot deal. If it’s right, great. If it’s wrong, you’re left on your own to start from the beginning.

When you’re looking for guarantees on commercial printing services, be sure to ask questions about things like turnaround times, shipping, return fees, and if they have a specialized process and specific forms you need to complete in order to utilize the guarantee if you ever need to.

If you’re using a local company like Charlotte Printing, you’ll often find better guarantees on their work versus a national chain.


When it comes to printing, and even in digital design, color makes a huge difference in how an audience receives the work. You’ve probably noticed this difference when you print out a color document on your home printer versus how it looks even on your screen. This is one of the challenges that you’ll face with making sure that your printed items have solid readability. You don’t want colors to be dulled, words fading Into the page where you don’t want them to, or your text not being legible because it’s too faint to read I’m not having enough color intensity.

With commercial printing services, one of the benefits that you get in choosing to go that route is that a commercial printer will have the truest of colors as opposed to if you chose a different route to print your items.

This is important because, for example, if you choose a certain color in your draft, you need it to come out printed the same way and not looking differently than you expected.


Another reason to choose commercial printing services because of the relationship that you can build with them.

Many of these businesses are family owned and operated for generations, and so they treat their customers with a certain level of respect and also interact with them and a more personal way than other places that just see the customer is another number and another sale. They see you as a business partner who is part of their business’ success story.

Having a good relationship with your commercial printer makes it much easier for you to explain to them exactly what you’re looking for and also for them to ask you any question that they may need clarification on. Of course, as professionals, they would ask those clarifying questions anyhow, but when you have built a strong business relationship, it’s much easier to know what the person is looking for in the end result of their printed products and asks more detailed questions that can help them achieve that result.

You might be surprised at how good it feels to have a relationship with your printer and not just feel like a number sign.


Because you’ll have a good relationship with your commercial printer and also because you’ll know that their services are guaranteed and are exactly what you’re expecting, you will save a lot of time on going back and forth trying to explain what you’re looking for and getting some design options from your commercial printer.

Saving time is important when you’re getting printed products completed because you generally need the products within a certain time frame. For example, many small businesses use printed items to promote their services at trade shows or expos and since they’re preparing for those events in other ways, they need to save time when it comes to having the peace of mind and knowing that they’re printed products will arrive on time and are printed exactly as the initial draft looked.


Features just five of the reasons why commercial printing will be better suited for your printing needs over other options like self-printing or even digital advertisements.

Commercial printing is still helping businesses grow to their next best level and increase their bottom line through printed products that help with promotion and marketing.