Working as an Overseas Filipino Worker comes with its pros and cons. One advantage is the opportunity it provides financially for you and your loved ones. A wise decision to do with a portion of your income is to invest it and grow it even further. But with a hectic schedule, there are some ventures that you may not have any time for. Luckily, there are a few ways you can earn passive income in the Philippines without having to be around. Check out these 4 ideal investments for OFWs like you.

4 Passive Income Ideas in the Philippines for OFWs

1. Dividend Stocks

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The Philippine stock market may take some time to understand, but is very profitable when you get the hang of it. To earn passive income from it, you have to invest in dividend stocks, companies that regularly distribute earnings to their shareholders. For this, be on the lookout for larger companies with impressive track records.

2. Microlending or Peer-to-Peer Lending

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Microlending is a concept Filipinos would commonly know as utang. And while this method of passive income earning is quite unconventional, there are some advantages of it compared to investing in more traditional vehicles. For one, it takes out the third party entity or the “middle-man,” so there won’t be any percentage cuts. Every bit of the profit goes solely to you. But make sure you have a good judgment of character when entering this investment vehicle. Assess if the peers you decide to lend to have traits that will assure you that they will make payments.

3. Start a Blog

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As someone far away from home, it’s good to find some outlets to cope with stress. Some OFWs start writing or journaling about their experiences. If this is something that you believe you’re actually good at, then perhaps you should consider sharing it with the people online.

Blogging is not only a good stress-relieving practice. It can actually turn into an investment once you start to monetize it. You can earn this way by creating ad spaces, sharing affiliate links, or charging for guest posts. The catch is that it will take some time for your blog to blow up and be considered for monetization.

4. Real Estate

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Real Estate may be the investment that is most ideal for OFWs. This passive income generator comes with its perks. For one, you get to have land of your own and profit from it while you’re away. Plus, as soon as you return home, there is a place where you can unwind and relax.

The options with real estate investing are incredibly vast. Rental property is a common and often wise investment. You can put up a room, an unused garage, or an entire house floor for rent to keep the income flowing. If you would rather a much less committed contract, you can market the space as a transient type of rental to cater to tourists or one-night renters.

If you don’t quite own a property of your own, there are some ideal options for you to purchase that come at reasonable rates. Condotel investing, for one, has risen to popularity in recent years. Playing off the words, “condominium,” and “hotel,” the idea is to purchase a unit and rent it out like a hotel. Despite being categorized as a luxury property, there are condominiums offered at affordable rates. But remember to ask your developer if this investment option is something they’re offering.

With enough capital, right investment knowledge, and an opportunistic mindset, you can very much make the most out of your income as an OFW through any of these passive income ideas. Life as an Overseas Filipino Worker may not be the simplest. It takes multiple sacrifices, including being far away from home where your friends and family are. But don’t worry. All your hard work will pay off eventually. 

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