When you finally get connected to clients that you have been pursuing for a long time, you need to meet them face to face. Inviting potential clients for a business lunch meeting can work in your favor for a variety of reasons. Here are five reasons why having a business meeting over lunch will guarantee a positive outcome for you and your business.

5 Reasons Business Lunch Guarantees Productive Meetings 1

Have control over the environment

When you go to the client’s office, you will be in their territory. This means that your meeting can be distracted by endless phone calls or office staff. Even if you take them to your office, you will still have countless forms of distractions. You want to make sure that your client is at ease and the environment works to your favor. By considering a lunch meeting, you will have control of the atmosphere. Find a restaurant that has an appropriate setting and serves their food preferences. With the right facility, your prospect could be wowed and this will result in a more productive meeting.

Equal footing

Holding business meetings in the office gives the power position to you or the client. You may end up feeling insignificant and small and this can affect the outcome of the meeting. However, with lunch meetings, you will all be in a neutral environment and this will guarantee equal power and odds can be in your favor. Make sure that you preview the restaurant beforehand and reserve a table that you like. You should be seated at an equal height and you need to be the focal point of view to your client.

Creates a shared experience

Irrespective of the person that you are meeting for your Barcacity business lunch, the two of you will be at the restaurant together. You must ensure that your prospect feels comfortable and your etiquette must be refined. You should look for a common bond that will allow you to bond. Make sure that you call the chef way in advance and make arrangements for a special dish. Find ways of making the lunch meeting entertaining and generate creative and unexpected moments that will wow your prospect. The memories you make will form a foundation for your future relationship.

Gives you captive time

In a customary business meeting, the business agenda tends to control the entire timeframe. This means that when you finish the core business discussion, you will have nothing more to do than dismiss yourself. Lunch meetings are quite different because eating is a social experience and you will have more time to discuss business and social topics. You will both be there for the entire meal and you can also use the additional time to connect with the prospect socially. People always do business with individuals they like and you have all the time to make this happen.

You will be doing them a great favor

If you want to retain power, you should always pick up the check and pay for the lunch. Although this may seem obvious, today many business people are inclined to split the bills. You want the prospect to feel they are obligated to you even if it is something minor like lunch. Ensure that you always have the advantage after the meal is over. This will put the prospect in a position of gratitude after the lunch meeting and this will allow you to pursue your next step.

If you want a more productive meeting with prospective clients, you should consider lunch meetings. This is because of the immense benefits they offer both parties. Furthermore, they will give you both equal footing and you will have more control over the meeting and you can easily score whatever you want.