When a product from a specific brand works for a person, he or she would probably want to purchase the same item from that brand again. Or when a particular business offered their highest quality of service based on their needs, then they would likely return, and have it done again.

That kind of connectivity is what brand recall is all about. Brand Recall 101 is having your business connected with a specific type of item or service in the mind of your consumer. Preferably, you would want your name recalled because your company created or did something that a customer liked.

However, achieving brand recall is not an easy task, especially for new businesses. It is more than just a company or brand acquiring a certain level of status that it becomes the go-to name for a type of item or service.

Like any other business process, it requires feasibility studies, planning, and development of marketing strategies. Read more about how to achieve brand recall for your own business on the infographic below.

#BrandRecall101: How Startups Can Make a Lasting Impression 1