Nowadays, having a business isn’t just about providing customers with the products/services that they need, rather about streamlining processes to deliver the best experience possible.

Being in the digital age, however, requires businesses to be aware of new technology and keep up with them to continuously move forward and have a competitive edge.

But just like any business-related change, many decisions have to be made to achieve this growth such as deciding between using off-the-shelf or custom software solutions.

There are many factors to consider to help you make this decision such as determining how each software can benefit your business in terms of cost-effectiveness, availability, functionality, support, scalability, intellectual proper, and competitive advantage, as well as how it would help in achieving your short- and long-term goals.

To further help in your decision-making, here is an infographic from Intelligent Bee that illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of buying off-the-shelf software and building custom software solutions for more edge in your company. 

custom software