If you want to start a business in the Philippines, just follow these simple business registration steps. Starting a business in the Philippines is easy and does not have to be a daunting task.

Step 1: Go to any DTI office (DTI) and the Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCP)to register your business name.

Requirement: Any valid ID
Fee: Barangay: PHP 200.00
City / Municipality: PHP 500.00
Regional: PHP 1,000.00
National: PHP 2,000.00
Processing time: 1 hour

Step 2a: Go to Municipal hall to get business permit.

DTI certificate
Lease contract (if renting) or tax declaration (if you own the place)
2×2 ID picture
Fee: P4,000 (approx.)
Processing time: 2-3 hours

Step 2b: Go to Office of the Treasurer of each city or municipality for BMBE* Application

1. Duly filled up and signed Application form in triplicate
2. Three passport size pictures
3. DTI registration for sole proprietorship; SEC registration for corporations, partnerships or association; CDA registration for cooperatives
4. Mayor’s permit
Cost of registration: P1,000

The LGU shall issue the Certificate of Authority and shall be effective for a period of two (2) years, renewable for a period of two (2) years for every renewal.

Step 3: Go to Barangay hall to get business clearance.

Step 4: Go to BIR office to get TIN/Certificate.

DTI certificate
Mayor’s Permit
Lease Contract (if renting) or tax declaration (if you own the place)
Fee: P500
Processing time: 1-2 hours

*BMBE or Barangay Micro-Business Enterprise (BMBE) Act of 2002 (RA 9178) is engaged in production, processing or manufacturing of products as well as trading and services with a total assets of not more than 3 million. Some of the benefits are Income Tax Exemption; Exemption from the coverage of the Minimum Wage Law; Priority to a special credit window; technology transfer, production and management training, marketing assistance programs for BMBE beneficiaries.