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Get the Right Help With Your Business: Where to Start

The business world is very confusing, as you’ve gathered. You may think you know business until you start, and then suddenly stumble upon many obstacles and questions. Most will seek information on even how to begin, and it can be a bit scary, just like anything new, but you should never be afraid of asking [&hellip

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Starting A Business With No Money

The question of how to start up a business without any money is becoming a lot more prevalent these days. As financial conditions have become more difficult, a lot of people are considering ways to either make additional money or break free from the uncertainties of the job market completely. Regrettably, these same financial difficulties [&hellip

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How to Get the Right People for Your Business

You may start with family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, or acquaintances. Wherever they may come from, be sure they can deliver what you will require. Before hiring them, be sure to explain your ground rules and have them agree to your policies. Level your expectations; from your end as the employer and from them as [&hellip

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How to Identify Business Opportunities

Find a business opportunity in every market need. One of the first things you should remember in trying to identify business opportunities is that all enterprising ventures answer, in one way or another, a particular human need. Whether it is a product or a service, it must respond to what the buyers need or want. [&hellip

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Business Registration Steps – The Easy Way!

Detailed steps on how to register your business in the Philippines. How to register your business under R.A 9178: Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBEs) act of 2002.  Barangay Micro-Business Enterprises (BMBEs) can now register their businesses, free of charge, at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through the agency’s Negosyo Centers. Under Republic Act [&hellip

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Why is Manpower Always a Business’ Secret Ingredient

In the Philippines, manpower services are a vital part of successful companies and corporations. Their operations will not be running smoothly and efficiently without them. In fact, they are highly dependent of the work their manpower produces in order to provide their products and services to their customers and clienteles. However, their importance goes beyond [&hellip

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Tips To Get Your Small Business Off The Ground

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you probably know how hard it is to create a new business and get it working. Nevertheless, there are some things you can do that will help you, so here are tips to get your small business off the ground. Be Optimistic About Your Odds First and foremost, you [&hellip

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The Business Plan – Why Plan a Business?

You are already definite about your business idea and want to make it real. You feel you have the “it” to be an entrepreneur. You know what you are getting into; you have the skills, some experience, and believe you can persuade people to buy your product or use your service. What else is stopping [&hellip

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How to Choose the Right Type of Business

Reviewing your list and sorting out your ideas according to type of business activity will help you decide which business idea you will eventually entertain. Ask yourself this question: “Do I want to manufacture a product, deliver a service, or go into trading?” o A manufacturer produces a product and sells it. Making new jewelry [&hellip

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