Christmas wreath is a great Christmas decoration that symbolizes the coming of the holiday season. There are different kinds of Christmas wreath that are quick, easy and fun to make. Handmade Christmas wreath is also a good business idea to start that can make an extra income for the family.

christmas wreath

Pinoy Christmas Wreath


Old newspapers
4 pieces candles
Dried leaves and flowers like:
– Cattails
– 5 Broom bloom (color green)
– Rattan fruit
– Screwpine
– Banaba fruit
– Achilles
– Cockscomb
– Teasel
– Five fingers
Glue stick
Glue gun


1. Roll newspaper. Twist into a circular form.
2. Using a glue gun, glue the newspaper to make it sturdy.
3. Glue moss into the rolled newspaper and let dry. Dried flowers may now be attached.
4. Cut “teasel” and set aside. Cut “five fingers” and glue around the wreath.
5. Attach broom bloom around the wreath beside the five fingers. Put glue on the stem of the natural colored rye and attach around the wreath.
6. Arrange dried flowers like teasel, screw pine, cockscomb, and broom bloom.
7. Attach four teasels on wreath arranging them separately.
8. Attach broom bloom beside the teasel. Press down by using pliers to hold or make it sturdy.
9. Attach screw pine beside the broom bloom.
10. Cut cockscomb and put glue at the end. Attach it beside the screw pine.
11. Put small dried flowers and fruits. Attach rattan fruit to the wreath.
12. Attach banaba fruit to the cockscomb. Add chinese lantern to the wreath. Handle wreath carefully so as not to loosen trimmings.
13. Attach achilles to the wreath. Press down firmly to hold it and make it sturdy.
14. Add flowers to the wreath to make it more attractive.
15. Add long leaves to cover gaps between the flowers and fruits. Attach cattails to the wreath between flowers and leaves.
16. Add candle and this may now be used as decoration during the Christmas season.

You can also try these free Christmas holiday wreath craft patterns and projects.

Note: descriptions are taken from its source site.

1. Candy Wreath
Make a wreath using hard, wrapped candies, ribbon, and a hanger! A fun decoration that you can eat.

2. Floral Christmas Wreaths
Inserting flowers to a traditional Christmas wreath can add a splash of color to the usual palate of red and green. These inventive wreaths combine flower-arranging and wreath-making into one craft the whole family can enjoy.

3. Snow-Themed Wreaths
White is the color of snow and Christmas, but it is also a very versatile color that makes a great accent to most decorations.

4. Specialty Christmas Wreaths
These wreaths might not fit the traditional mold, but they are sure to catch the eye of your family and friends. From unconventional colors to unusual materials, these Christmas wreaths are a real change of pace.

5. Wreath Pin
Give all your friends a little gift when you craft these wreath pins. A miniature craft with maximum results these wreaths are sure to be a hit with kids.

6. Christmas Charm Wreath
What do you do with all those small ornaments and parts of ornaments that have collected in the bottom of your Christmas trimmings box year after year? Make this delightful charm wreath.

7. Red-Nosed Wreath Deer
How the heck did this reindeer get his head through that door? We may never know, but, hey, he’s got a friendly face to greet the kids coming home from school.

8. Recycled Wreath
Looking for a festive way to recycle your holiday wrapping debris? Give your tot a paper plate with the center cut out and let him decorate it with leftover pieces of gift wrap, tissue paper, ribbon, and more.

9. Gift Box Christmas Wreaths
Brightly wrapped gifts are an integral part of Christmas, so nothing could be more natural than to make a wreath of gift boxes in miniature.

10. Nautical Wreath
If you live near the beach you can make an unusual outdoor wreath with sea shells, driftwood, starfish and other beach-found items you think will go together and tell a Christmas tale about your trips to the beach.