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How to Make Powdered Tomatoes

This idea of making powdered tomato is just easy to make in your kitchen. The resulting product is red in color and smells and tastes like fresh tomatoes. To cook, mix with water as needed. How to make powdered tomatoes easily at home Procedure: 1. Dip the tomatoes in boiling water for a minute. 2. [&hellip

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Ethrel: Ripens Bananas and Tomatoes

Fruits must be picked when immature because they will not ripen naturally. However, there are instances when this is inevitable, such as during a storm or unavoidable circumstances. Researchers were conducted at UP Los Baños have shown that immature fruits can somehow be made to ripen with the aid of a chemical, ETHREL. Procedure: Bananas [&hellip

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There is gold in tomatoes

Tomato is one of the most cultivated vegetables worldwide and is extensively grown as a secondary crop especially in rice and corn-based farming systems. Consumption of tomato continues to increase due to its health benefits and wide variety of uses. It is an important element in cooking and as sidings in food preparation and as [&hellip

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How to Preserve Tomatoes

How to Preserve Tomatoes Procedure: 1. Select tomatoes that are mature and ripe, but firm. Wash them very well. 2. Dip in boiling water for about one half to one minute or steam for 2-3 minutes. 3. Dip in tap water to remove the peel easily. Remove the core as well. 4. Arrange the tomatoes [&hellip

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Extend the Shelf-life of Tomatoes

Extend the Shelf-life of Tomatoes Research at the UPLB has shown that the ripening of tomatoes can be hastened or delayed: 1. Ripening can be hastened if the tomatoes are kept in DRY HULL ASH. This increases the ethylene gas which hastens ripening. 2. If this is placed in a cool place, it will have [&hellip

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