A new type of hollow blocks can be fabricated out of wood wastes, agricultural wastes and soil mixed with minimum amount of cement. As far as strength and durability are concerned, results of test showed that this type of blocks is comparable to some of the commercial or traditional concrete hollow blocks. However, they are considered as strictly non-loading bearing.

How to Make Hollow Blocks from Waste Materials 1

Hollow Blocks from Waste Materials


1 part cement
3 parts sawdust, ordinary soil, rice hulls, abaca waste, sugarcane bagasse, coconut coir dust and coconut trunk


1. Pulverized soil is passed through a wire screen, 1/4 inch wire mesh to separate larger pieces. A mixture of 1 part cement to 3 parts agri-waste is formulated.

2. Mix all materials together, add water and pour into molds.

3. Let stand for several hours until dry.

4. After drying, remove from molds and let stand along one side for 10 days while sprinkling water at regular intervals to avoid cracking.

Source: PCARRD Farmnews December 1988