Taking out a mortgage is probably the biggest debt that most people will find themselves in. When there is such a big bull to face, it seems strange that you would want to add to it. There are however times when this is a good idea, or even the only way to get out of a difficult situation. Debt consolidation is not always considered to be a good thing, but if dealt with properly, it can be good and can save a great deal of hassle and money in the long run. It is OK to do for a one off reason, but should not be seen as a way to get regular extra money.

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When To Do IT?

If you are paying off credit cards and not paying the full amount each month, you could easily be paying 19% or more so this will allow you to pay less interest. As a result of the increase in house prices, this is good news for homeowners and secondly homeowners who want to add to the mortgage. As the house is now worth more, it will be possible to borrow more and pay of the other debts that have accumulated. Often this debt will have started when the house was bought, so it is a sensible way to pay it back. The reason for the debt will not matter, when it comes to lending, but it is worth looking at why you are overspending. The mortgage interest rate will be lower than the credit card rate, so you will be saving something but even though interest is still going to be paid, it will be less than you would pay otherwise.

Is This True Everywhere?

At the moment this is not the case in the United States as the house prices are not rising the way that they are elsewhere. The prices are actually not going up, so there will be less equity in them, and therefore lenders are not going to allow more debt to be added to what could be an already unstable market. Negative equity does not help anyone and the banks and lenders will have to realise this, and be careful when deciding whether or not to lend.

Is It Always A Good Idea?

There are two ways of raising money through the mortgage and in some cases it is sensible and in others it is not. If the money is going to be used to pay off debt then it is not the worst thing to do, but if it is for further expenditure, then other options should be sought. The debt will just be getting bigger and as there can be no rock solid guarantees when it comes to house prices, it can be a risky road to go down. The debt will be around your neck for longer, as this higher amount is going to take longer to pay back. There will either have to be an extended period of repayment or a higher monthly payment and neither are helpful if you want to plan for the future.

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