PR, or public relations, leverage media channels to improve a corporation’s image and improve public perception. It is similar to branding in spreading information, but PR concentrates more on communication and reputation.

Reputation is vital in business growth because solid influence can easily spread recognition and brand awareness. A recognizable name comes with credibility, which the customers trust. As businesses build their brands, their respective business-customer relationship will continue to develop and must be maintained to prevent them from breaking. Public relations is key to building and maintaining this relationship, and following certain best practices can help businesses keep their relationship and good image.

Businesses must know their audiences to ensure that their messages will be noticed and have an impact. Businesses reach their target audiences through social media and networking events held digitally or in person. Facebook insights and ad manager can give business owners information on the people they’re attracting so they can better tailor their content for their targeted audience.

Businesses must also boost their online presence to ensure visibility on the internet. Companies can achieve this through continuous social media marketing and search engine optimization. Establishing a strong online presence boosted by digital marketing strategies can introduce more opportunities to build a good company image.

Once the business has a strong online platform, it should consistently produce compelling and valuable content. When creating content, it’s essential to consider the elements of urgency, curiosity, emotion, and possibly humor. It’s also essential to create content that the audience will enjoy while resonating with its values. Having content that visitors can interact with and contribute to should also be considered.

Businesses should also consider hiring a PR partner to ensure that the company will have significant media exposure. A few PR programs may include the following:

  • content marketing
  • influencer marketing
  • media partnerships
  • endorsements
  • exclusive media coverage

Collaborating with like-minded people and companies is an excellent tactic for businesses that rely heavily on strong public connections.

Having good public relations with the community effectively builds a good public image that can also lead to business growth. For more information, see NGP IMC’s infographic titled “Corporate Public Relations Best Practices.”

Best Practices